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Your life won’t change until YOU change

Hey hey hey, it’s Gabs aka Buddhawithabackpack here giving you that Monday juice this week! 💜

In our PMU calendar, March is the month of growth and expansion. It’s about taking action on your goals and pushing outside of your comfort zone to really put your life on the best path to your desired destinations (plural because there should never be one destination, we can always continue to grow and expand or completely divert our goals!). (more…)

An open letter to the girl who loves too much

An open letter to the girl who loves too much.

To you,
To the girl who laughs a little too loud, who wears her heart on her sleeve, smiles even though she could have been crying last night and loves like she’s never been hurt.

The last guy left without saying goodbye and here you are yet again learning to turn your pain into power and accept an apology you never received.
You question was you too much? How did he just change his mind? Was it something you said? Did you smother him? You have been left unbalanced and you’re trying not to fall.

I mean he made out he liked you so you of course followed his lead. But babygirl if I could say anything to you now it would be that just because he started playing his song you didn’t have to dance to his beat.

I’m not saying it’s your fault, I’m sure you’ve done nothing wrong except for yet again love another man that has come along. People can only meet you as deep as they have met themselves.

You feel silly for thinking he could be the ‘one’, you look at old pictures- big smiles and good vibes and you question was it all a lie? Are you a fool? Is he laughing at you?

You torment yourself and start to pick at your flaws, you then somehow convince yourself it is your fault, you deserved it, you was too easy or maybe you think you asked too many questions? Maybe you opened up too quick? Did you share too much? Now you feel embarrassed, gave away your secrets to somebody who doesn’t even care to look your way.

But whilst all of this is whirling around your mind I ask you one thing… when you are truly happy within yourself do you just go around destroying things? No you don’t. So whilst you may feel angry, hurt maybe even regretting ever being involved with them. Just know the issue doesn’t really lay with you.

You showed up just being you and maybe it was too much, maybe your love was too real but anyone you are too much for just isn’t for you. So don’t sit and start wondering how you can change. Looking at the timeline wanting to look like ‘her’ you look like you and you are enough. Perfectly imperfect just how you were intended to be.

Send love to those who have hurt you, forgive not because they deserve it but because you deserve peace of mind. So to you the girl who loves too much, don’t you dare now hide. Take your time and heal but please don’t let anybody who doesn’t know how to love fool you into thinking that this is what love is.

I see you in a few months, you think about him less and you smile more but every so often your mind will wonder to the boy who left with no explanation. You may even miss him, that’s fine but don’t confuse missing someone with needing to have them in your life. Love from a distance and forgive whole heartedly. Let yourself be free.

To the girl who loves too much….

Just know you can never love too much.


Monday Motivation-Go get em!

Good Rising!

I done a quick video this morning for Monday Motivation, I hope you enjoy. This weekend I have been so inspired to take action to live the life I want to live and I really wanted to share this with you all.

We all have a right to win!

I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe!

Love&Light Always


The Esther Academy presents POWER & PURPOSE!

esther team

Networking with a twist!

This event is guaranteed to have a powerful impact on your journey to success. Whether you are a business owner, employee or just simply looking to get inspiration for your future this is the place for you!

Being involved with the Esther Academy has been a great pleasure so far and I am so excited to share this event with you all. Guest speakers, canapés, exclusive prizes and much more!

21ST JUNE 2015, 2-8PM, Luxe Loughton.



Monday Motivation- 1 year for PICKMEUPINC!

Morning beautiful people! 
Soooo on Saturday I celebrated the companies 1st birthday and by doing so I went out and handed out flowers to complete strangers, a ripple effect because I didn’t realise such a small act could make the difference it has! Also in celebration with it being our first year I will be reposting old videos through out the week to see what we have done and what we are all about! 

Today I’m posting my first ever interview I did with Jayde, a young woman from South London who suffers with anxiety. I did this interview because anxiety is something that effects many, even myself. I wanted people to know that they are not alone and can create a life that isn’t controlled by anxiety.

Jayde has now moved her career in nails to the heart of London in the west end and also has a beauty blog! Check it out here…
I hope you have a great week and kick off those Monday blues! 
Love&Light Always! 
Y.E x

Monday Motivation- PickMeUp and Simbafarian! 

Morning guys!

So this weeks Monday motivation is a bit different, I got to catch up with the lovely Simbafarian, a beautiful curly headed individual who believes in empowering women and making an active change within the community. Follow her journey on INSTAGRAM @SIMBAFARIAN. You won’t be disappointed!

I got to ask her about her views on Mondays and her tips on how to make them a little bit more bearable! We also touched on the fact that reaching out to people via social media isn’t always a bad thing. We met online and have started an organic friendship, sometimes it’s important to put your ego aside and make the move! You don’t know where that hello can lead you.

Munchin in #COOKDAILY at BOXPARK! Beautiful vegan place. £8 a bowl and fresh coconuts alongside different smoothies for a extra couple of pounds! Defo worth going. Check out the link-

So I hope you enjoy this weeks Monday motivation! Please excuse the quality of the first part of the video my battery died! Typical! Haha!

Love.Light and Laughter Always!


Monday Motivation-Why don’t we listen? 

Morning guys!

So it’s Monday and it’s a new week, I just wanted to touch base with our listening skills.

It’s become so apparent to me through having conversations with people that we rarely listen to understand, we listen to reply. 

So whilst someone is telling their story or giving instruction we rarely take the time to just listen, In fact more chances we are thinking of what to say back before they have even finished.

TASK!: This week I want you to try to slow down when somebody is speaking to you and actually listen to what they are saying, think about it and pause before you even reply.


It’s made such a difference to my conversations and I have found that I interrupted people too much. But here we go! It’s a new week, a new canvas to make whatever picture we like!


Love&Light Always

Y.E. x

Monday Motivation

Morning guys!!

Today I wanted to keep it simple and light, a simple question


We all complain about a Monday, but what will you do today to make a change? What will you do that can make you happier? Things only change if you break the cycle. You get out what you put in. From speaking to somebody you don’t know at work, making an effort to say good morning to a stranger or applying for that new position you’ve been eyeing. Do something today that your future self will thank you for. Monday; a new fresh canvas for you to paint how you wish. Make it a colourful one!

Love&Light Always 

Y.E x 

When you feel like you are lost down the rabbit hole.

Hey Guys,

After having a conversation with a friend about ‘where they are heading’ and the confusion surrounding it, it occurred to me the pressure we put ourselves under to have it all together. It’s as if we feel we must know what direction we are heading in and are so focused on reaching a destination that we forget to enjoy the journey. We’ve all been there, the friend who doesn’t know what they want to be, the only single friend, the friend who doesn’t want to go uni, the friend who looks at everybody else and has to question ‘WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?!!!’ Everybody else looks like they are getting on with things and doesn’t seemed to have fell down the rabbit hole with its twists and turns, its tunnels of uncertainty and you are so sure that the cakes in the fridge are saying ‘EAT ME’ driving you into a frenzy of munching and watching series after series on Netflix! BUT be assured you will find your way out of the rabbit hole.

I know some of my friends who have a plan to a certain extent and I personally love to have a goal to aim towards but never do I feel we should be pressured into making decisions just to look or feel like we are in control. Its ok to feel a little lost, its ok to NOT know what you want to do yet. You are still learning, still growing and being stretched by life’s lessons.

The more we think about which way is the right way the more confused we can get. The pressure from comparing our progress with others, the pressure from families wanting us to do well and sometimes we want to yell STOP! Lets stop allowing our past and future to rob us of the present. Lets soak in the moments around us illiminating the feelings of anxiety, worry and regret.

I hope you have enjoyed your Sunday and as I always say ‘A Sunday well spent brings a week of content’.

Love&Light Always.




A visit to the BBC!


So myself and Islah alongside Michael Truong went up the BBC studios and had a interview with Kan D Man and DJ Limelite on BBC’s asian network!

What a cool experience as it was my first time on a mainstream radio station as for Islah and Michael they are pro’s! haha!

We got asked about The CornerShop Show which Islah created, directed and also plays the main character Malik, Michael plays his sidekick Tony Chang and I play ghetto queen Shantelliqua! We spoke on Pick Me Up Inc and future plans for us all!

If you want to check the interview out the link is below, the show was great but if you just want to hear the interview forward in to 1:36.

We hope you enjoy as much as we enjoyed being there! Follow your dreams, you may be surprised with what you achieve.

Love&Light Always


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