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Your life won’t change until YOU change

Hey hey hey, it’s Gabs aka Buddhawithabackpack here giving you that Monday juice this week! 💜

In our PMU calendar, March is the month of growth and expansion. It’s about taking action on your goals and pushing outside of your comfort zone to really put your life on the best path to your desired destinations (plural because there should never be one destination, we can always continue to grow and expand or completely divert our goals!). (more…)

Are you sabotaging yourself?

Hey guys!!

Yasmin here! Happy Monday! or not a happy Monday? depending on your mood right now….but I am hoping we can lift that and get you to go again after this post.

I’ve been going through the most the last few weeks and I really wanted to just cancel life and lay in bed but unfortunately the way my life is set up…lol! But it got me thinking about how many times I have done that… just quit everything, missed opportunities ..all because I was in a funk over some crap I actually can’t remember right now. Which lead me to this… (more…)

The drive to self love


You can’t pour from an empty cup… So this month is about sharing ways to keep you topped up!

Last week, Yas’s Monday Motivation about Self Love was great because she listed some really handy steps to embed self love into our daily routines to keep the love coming in.

This week, I Gabs want to touch on four main anchors that keep me happy, fulfilled and afloat! 🙂 (more…)

Why self care may not be working for you

Hey guys!

Yasmin here! So I had a whole Monday Motivation set out and ready to share with you all and then I read a few messages I received and a lot of them were questions on ‘How I do what I do and find balance.’ So decided to get up and re-write a new blog for you all:) lol!

I would be lying if I said I had the balance thing on lock because I don’t and there are a few of my friends that will tell you I take forever to reply to messages. (sorry friends) If you are new to this blog then I am Yasmin, founder of Pick Me Up Inc, mum to 6 year old Cameron, part time beauty therapist and student training to be a PT but I wanted to share my secret that keeps me going. (more…)

We may know a lot but we do not know it all- STAY OPEN


Fresh Start / Clarity / Open / Motivated / Let Go / Focus

Hey guys!

So this week I’m going to use a word from our themed calendar! If you have our calendar under the quote you will see some keywords for the month (used above) and we are going to be focusing on a word a week, this week it is OPEN. I’m excited for this because i’m hoping by using these words it will help shift and change the way we operate and think from day to day. So many times when going for goals we just focus on all the action it takes to get there but forgetting to look at our behaviour patterns and our emotional wellbeing whilst doing so.


New year..New you blues?

Hey guys!!

New year and new you and all that jazz…. OR if you woke up this morning after the new year hype and realised you are in fact the same you in the same body, with the same problems as 24hrs ago accompanied with a little bit of dread or anxiety then I can assure you, that you are not alone.

But as it is the 1st month on a Monday I have a special Monday motivation for you that I think you may find useful to get you realigned and ready for this month. And I will use the first month of the 2018 pick me up inc calendar along with its #pmimakeithappen. (more…)

How to do less but get more out of your day

Hey guys!

So it’s the beginning of the week and if you’re anything like me you set your intentions for the day and week ahead, list is full of wonderful things and you feel motivated and ready to go….BUT forward to Wednesday and you’ve not even done 25% of your list and the procrastination kicks in accompanied with that negative self talk and the feeling of disappointment…well that was me until I changed up the way I attacked my work load by doing just ONE thing! (more…)

Grow through what you go through-even the crap

Hey guys!

So I was supposed to launch #MOONCHILDWAY next week with some cool photos and post about how I deal with anxiety and mumming it (will still come) BUT today Cam finished school and said goodbye to YEAR 1….woo-woo! SCHOOLS OUT! And although we are smiling here…..

…honestly this year has by far been the TOUGHEST year and I fully questioned if I was made out of the right stuff for this mum life! I was a full on single parent (i’ve always co-parented before), working part time and running Pick Me Up, Cameron was behind in class which pushed him more in to low self esteem within class and not wanting to try at all, he wouldn’t eat and eventually started to have panic attacks which lead me into taking him out of school for a few days. Those that know Cam personally know what a vibrant soul he is sorhis was literally soul destroying for me to see and experience with him. Other things contributed to his emotions and I guess I wanted to write this post for anyone that has ended this school year maybe feeling a bit meh or had a few struggles and thinks they are the only one.


With praise, love and a few changes at home I have seen a massive change in Cam and his behaviour in school. Its so easy to get frustrated but I have seen that isn’t the answer. I took more time to do extra work with Cam at home, really really praised him when he got it right and also clapped for his mistakes (that is how we learn after all) I really learnt to speak life into him and champion him. I think we sometimes forget they are just little humans learning.

We are still struggling with food but taking each day as it comes and I’m hoping that we can try some fun and exciting places over the summer holidays and also do more kids cooking at home whilst he is off.

I guess this was just me saying every kid is different and whilst Cams school report said he was ‘working towards expected level’ academically words like spiritual, energy, loving, caring and curious was used through out. And I am happy about that. Don’t be too hard on yourself and most of all don’t be too hard on them.

I feel overwhelmed with emotion as I write this because I really questioned at one point if we would get through this year at all, but here we are. WE MADE IT! And I just wanted to send you all the good vibes and energy and to let you know that you can make it too! Im not perfect and I’m winging it just like everybody else. We in it together and i’ve got you. I don’t know you but you are reading this so we connected now. lol!

This is me and cam. Unfiltered, bushy hair and smiling… may the vibe continue! 

Enjoy your holidays lovely’s…

Love&light always