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The journey so far

Hey gang,

So I’ve just left radar radio in London and i’m now on route Leeds on the train (boop boop virgin trains for the free wifi) I felt so compelled to write this post. Its was 2 years 2 days ago that I first started this blog with the hope it would help act as a tool to pick people up through their everyday lives and everyday struggles that we face.

In those 2 years I had a breakdown, detached from someone I believed I was in love with, waved Cameron (my son-for the new followers) off as he started big school, spoke at events, started to receive counselling, been on BBC extra radio, spoke on a panel in conjunction with MTV, launched the pick me up inc merchandise, thought I was going to fail and made friendships and connections with people I never could have dreamed of.

As a whole, the last 2 years have been the most soul destroying yet most vital part of my journey so far. It reminds me that where you are now is not where you are going to be. At times I honestly thought I wasn’t going to get through as I battled with past trauma’s. I felt so isolated, even in a room full of people. I was struggling in every aspect of my life. Friends, family, parenting, boys, money….OMG MONNNEYYYYY! STRESS! HAHA!

But I know now this was all to bring me to this point, this point where I can look at my life and say ‘nope it’s not perfect, but fukc yes I’m alive and i’m not giving up yet!’.

So many of you amazing humans message me daily telling me how Pick Me Up Inc has helped and honestly that means so much to me, I never planned to have a business, I never planned to share parts of me on the internet. It just happened and through that I have been able to connect and work with the most incredible people and help others. Which is what this is all about, we are living in a time where we should be so connected especially with social media etc but for some reason i’ve never felt the world so divided. Now more than ever we need to be there for one another.

This week I have found myself around people and in places that I have been preeing so so hard the last few years! haha! Never really giving it a thought that one day I will be sitting in a room where my opinion is getting taken in to consideration. This time last year I was flat on my face and literally not the happy go lucky Yas i’m used to, but I didn’t give up, i seemed help, I asked for help and when the help was offered I showed up and drowned in it allowing my healing to start.

We have all become so consumed with looking amazing yet do we feel amazing? So consumed with how much we ‘look’ like we are on our grind but are we really hustling? So consumed with appealing to others are we even appealing to ourselves?

I asked myself these questions last year and my honest answer was no. I didn’t like who I was anymore, actually scrap that…I didn’t even know who I was. But I allowed myself to break and build myself back up. If i’m honest I still struggle now though and there are times where I fear having a down day because i’m scared to go back to that place but acceptance that I will never be rid of it is what has helped me, I think anyone who says they can get rid of your anxiety chat shit because for as long as you are growing and experiencing life, your anxiety or depression will be there BUT you will better equipped to deal with it and manage it. Im no expert and I don’t claim to know it all, I can only speak from my truth and if that resonates then dope, if not thats fine too. I hope anyone reading this going through something will find the strength to keep going, find the strength to seek help. Take your mask off, be honest and be you.

Thank you to you if you have ever showed support to myself or pick me up and thank you if this is the first time you are clicking this page.

Lots of love and light as always.


Sunday sessions

Somewhere out there someone is chilling, maybe alone or maybe amongst family or friends appearing to seem interested in the convo’s taking place. It won’t be the company that annoys them or even the loneliness that tugs at it will be the feeling of wanting more. The feeling of not doing enough with the life they currently have, the unsettling feeling of resentment as they watch others progress whilst they sit and silently doubt themselves. They sigh, knowing that feeling of peace has been felt but frustration sets in as they have no clue how they can obtain it again.

This might feel like you, I know its felt like me on a few occasions and it certainly doesn’t help if you are going to a job you absolutely hate tomorrow so heres a few little tips I think could help on this Sunday evening.


I’m back & I’m stronger!

Hey Hey you beautiful people!

Firstly just wanted to say thank you for the patience and thank you for all your inboxes and messages! I did take a break and 2 months later, here I am. Feeling a lot better, happier and stronger!

I am going to be speaking more openly about what went down this year which lead me to take a break but in a nutshell, life caught up with me, childhood issues caught up with me and the one thing I have realised is you can’t run away from things, you have to accept, face and go through it. That is the only way to truly heal. There is no quick fix, there is no amazing book that will change your life, no doubt there are books that can start you off… mine was ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’ Susan Jeffers. *Check out our book club page for all favourite reads or *hashtag*PMUIBOOKCLUB* but ultimately the truth is you have to face the music as they say.

Then and Now. Two top pics are me during a home video in the middle of my breakdown. The bottom pics are what self care look like x

It doesn’t have to be scary, but the first step is actually accepting that you aren’t ok, I would then say reach out to somebody. You need support and thats ok, honestly, it is totally ok not to be ok and to need help.

Thats another thing I will be touching on..this whole social media high light reel. Now don’t get me wrong I love social media but you really have to remember that EVERY SINGLE PERSON online has their own crap to deal with behind closed doors, so don’t go comparing your behind closed doors stuff to their beautifully filtered timeline.

But the whole aim of this blog today was to be honest and open and I truly feel I am at a space where I feel strong enough to do so. I can’t wait to share with you my highs and the lows that I experienced, you will see real tears and laughter but I share all of this in hope that if it helps at least one person then my job is done.

Thank you again for following, liking, inboxing and commenting. Enjoy this little video of me speaking a little bit about taking a break, being catfished and what is to come!

Love&Light Always.


The Hush Puppy Project @GIRLBOSSUK!

Hey you beautiful people!

Happy hump day and all that jazz, I have had better days BUTTT I am still super excited to tell you guys all about Pick Me Up’s latest new adventure. We are collaborating with an amazing project called The Hush Puppy Project and we were able to speak at the amazing GIRL BOSS event that I told you guys about on the Monday Motivation Blog!

The Hush Puppy Project is a project that was started by the amazing LuLu Johnson and it to raise money to build a library on Eden farm, an orphan village in the process of being developed, a house at a time in Zambia!!! This village has been set up by a charity called Life Support. It’s all super exciting and if you check out this video you can see us at the event and the audiences reaction was more than myself or LuLu could have imagined.

If you want to donate which I really really hope you do, you can tx HUSH16 to 70070 with the amount you wish to donate!

There are currently 12 children on the farm, and with hopes of the numbers growing up to 250, it is important to have a place such as a library for the children to read and learn. This means everything to LuLu and I am so happy to have Pick Me Up on board and involved.

If you wish to donate any clothes or books please send us an email and get in touch

Thank you for reading guys and I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.

Love&Light Always


Monday Motivation- Be the GIRLBOSS!

Hey hey!

All I have in my head from yesterday’s GIRLBOSS event is YASSSSSS HONEY YASSSSS!

If you were there then you know exactly what I am talking about! OMG! What an amazing event! Put on by the fabulous Kiziah&Co and Shieleen David! SO this Monday Motivation is literally a quick one to say YOU CAN DO WHATEVER IT IS YOU WANT TO DO!

Yesterday was hosted by one of my favourite presenters Maya Jama, I shared the stage with some of the most amazing and inspiring women in our generation and if you had of told me 2 years ago when I started Pick Me Up Inc that the same people I follow and get inspiration from on instagram and in life that I would be up there sharing the same stage I would of laughed also the fact that I get stage fright would have been another reason to laugh at such a crazy idea. But yesterday there I was up there speaking and networking away! ha-ha!

Besides doing small workshops on self love and speaking I got a chance to share the stage with my amazing friend LuLu and tell everyone about a new project called ‘The Hush Puppy Project’ we are raising funds to build a library in Zambia. (More Info to come in a post based on that) but we raised some money yesterday so THANK YOU!


Myself and the beautiful Maya Jama

We had the likes of Ruby Moore (dear friend of mine) and CEO of amor magazine, Siobhan Bell, DJ and founder of cherryade, Mama’s Boutiques ladies, Just Geen, Personal trainer and food blogger, Shea Moss and last but not least Chams and Lina from FACE4MUSIC. Not to mention the incredible performances from Shear, Nipah and Rebecca Garton. Then all the amazing beautiful ladies that came out for the event! It was literally a party!


Me and Ruby Moore (CEO of Amor) Work those frames, yassss honey!

I won’t keep you for much longer but this is a reminder that you are a girl boss, your biggest downfall is probably what you tell yourself you can’t do yet you are probably there being one of your friends biggest supporters! Cheer yourself on, get around like minded individuals. So many amazing women came and spoke with me yesterday and the main thing I got was that they were scared to go for their goal. But all I say is what is there more to fear? Trying and it taking a very long time? (because you will get there one day) or never trying and going to that job you hate everyday? or staying in that relationship or friendship that you know is no good for you? Only you can change your life and it starts with the words and thoughts you have and tell yourself.

I did put together a short video but it wouldn’t upload so for now `i will leave you with something super cute and inspiring from youtube. Enjoy. x

Love&Light Always


Monday Motivation- You Still Have Time


Good rising guys!

So yesterday’s Sunday session was about procrastination, here we are with a new day and a new week to start a new leaf. You still have time to follow that dream or tick off that to-do list but the time is now.

Here’s a little 3 minute video featuring motivational speaker Eric Thomas that I listened to this morning, listen, take note and pass it on. We can help build each other to the top.


Have an amazing start to the week guys.


Love&Light Always


Sunday Sessions- A product of procrastination

 “If you want to make an easy job seem mighty hard, just keep putting off doing it.”

~ Olin Miller

Hey Guys, its Yasmin here, well the above quote is true and it leads me on to something on my mind following a convo with a friend.

Why do we procrastinate??? Especially when we know its so bad and makes us feel rubbish?!

I have a confession, I am the BIGGEST procrastinator, like if there was a picture next to the word procrastination I’m pretty sure there would be a picture of me scrolling through pinterest pinning things for my dream home and cute elephants with amazing backdrops whilst fully ignoring the pile of work I know needs to be done. lol!

If I’m honest I even procrastinated on this blog post as the ‘convo’ with a friend I had took place last week yet I have only sat down now to write it.

When I openly speak about me procrastinating people are shocked, but I think its better to be open and honest and recognise these things as I know I’m not the only one. And through recognising, only then can we change and improve on ourselves:) I procrastinate on the small things but it still gets me down.

Have you ever had that feeling when you know you have things to do but you put them off then you feel worse for not doing it? Therefore making you feel even more crap, so you procrastinate some more…pinterest anyone? lol! Well yep that is me.

But I do believe to a certain extent we are all procrastinating with something. Deep down I think even the most organised humans who stick to deadlines and are punctual are procrastinating in one way or another, it may be something small or a dream that we keep putting off starting. Travelling? Reaching out to somebody? ANYTHING!  Just for a moment think about something you need to do or want to do and ask yourself WHY you are yet to start or get going, what is holding you back?

I’m slowly working through the small stuff and have given myself deadlines especially with things that are self made and I am fond of lists. Its amazing what a big tick next to a to-do list can do for the soul! ha-ha!

In my search for finding out WHY we procrastinate my friend sent me this really interesting Ted Talks on Procrastination with blogger, Tim Urban. Using humour and pure honesty he explores the mind of a procrastinator and it really resonated with me so thought it would be useful to share with you guys.

This is your Sunday reminder that you can handle whatever this week throws at you. Remember to stay centred and be gentle with yourself. I hope you enjoy the video and check back in tomorrow for Monday Motivation!

Love&Light Always


Monday Motivation- Have you got a finisher’s heart?

Good rising guys!

Monday, Monday, Monday!

New week, new goals or maybe working on the old ones but definitely a new day for opportunties and to go that little bit harder!

Me and my (amazing) friend Ashleigh (@MsAshleighJadee) pick a word for the week every Sunday, I think so far we’ve had, fearless, consistency, honesty and this weeks word is PATIENCE!

We do this because it allows us to concentrate on a particular area in our lives that we may not pay attention to otherwise. I was so happy when Ash picked this word because living in an instant generation where we literally have everything at the click of a button it is easy to become impatient and maybe even give up on things prematurely.

I have found that exercising patience isn’t about the ability to wait, if something is delayed we have no choice but to wait. lol But it is our attitude while waiting that is everything.


I’ve used this picture of J.K.Rowling because the story of her patience and consistency is an iconic one. There were days when she wanted to give up and there was certainly days where she could see no light at the end of the tunnel but lucky for her and us she didn’t give up. She kept going and with patience, persistence and a lot of fight she is now one of the most iconic women in publishing. Oh and yes you read write…she was 31 years old. So don’t stress too much if you’re in your 20’s feeling a little lost and discouraged.

Have you got a finisher’s heart? Don’t quit!

I hope you can join us in exercising patience this week or even pick your very own word to use, honestly it makes such a difference. But I will stop yapping on now and leave you with this short and sweet video I found on youtube all about patience. I hope you enjoy and have an amazing week!

Love & Light Always

Y.E. x

Monday Motivation- Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish

Morning Morning!


I’ve been up since 5am and I’m feeling gooood! I’ve will be writing a blog all about utilising your mornings to get the best out of your day BUT we will save that for another day! Today I wanted to sprinkle a little light on why you may not be particularly excited that its a Monday and just how we can help you out.

Normally the dread of waking up to a new week can stem from the fact that you hate your job which means you’re not doing what you love. Now as morbid as this sounds, we are all going to die. In fact you are dying right now, it just may be that you haven’t got an incurable decease that you fail to acknowledge that every day is a blessing and the problem you have is you think you have time.

I am a massive fan of Steve Jobs (Founder of Apple and Pixar) and his story, but one thing that always spoke to me was his opinion and passion for doing what you love. He said every morning he would look in the mirror and ask him self ‘If this was the last day of my life would I wanna do what I’m about to do, and if the answer is no a few days in a row then I know it is time to change something.’ This is invaluable advice. As many of you rise and get out the house today ask yourself this same question. If the answer is no then don’t settle! Find what you love, stay working and hustling but don’t you ever settle until you’ve found that job or career that makes you want to jump out of bed every morning.

In true Monday Motivation tradition I will leave you with this cool video I found of one of Steve Jobs speeches. I hope you are inspired as I was and I will let you in to a secret, I don’t particularly like my part time job so after watching this video I went and applied for what I could call my dream job. Like Steve Jobs says. I’m going to die anyway, what do I have to lose?

So don’t settle! Find your passion and love what you do!

Happy Monday and have a good one!

Love&Light Always



Monday Motivation- How’s your week looking? BOOMING!

Good Rising Guys!



     Sooo yep it’s Monday, some of you are excited for the new week ahead but majority have cries and despair over the fact that it is indeed Monday again.

You already know the deal, here at Pick Me Up Inc we love a Monday and I personally love it too! “How can she love a monday?” I hear you ask yourself in disbelief, well I’ve made Mondays MINE and here are 5 tips to make Monday YOURS!


1.SET SOME INTENTIONS AND GET UP AND OUT! (or even if you’re staying in, get washed & up!)

2.Write a list (my good friend Ana swears by lists) I get anxiety from time to time and writing a list even if when I’m at work really helps me get organised and I feel great ticking everything off! Win Win!

3.Include something in your Monday that is just for you! Without fail on a Monday I always make time to do something I love whether it is a cheeky latte in the cafe by myself, read, workout or catching up with a friend.

4.Do something for somebody else, whether it be to buy a colleague a coffee, help a neighbour or even send this Monday Motivation to somebody else 😉

‘If you’re not making someone else’s life better, you’re wasting your time’- Will Smith

5.And last but not least your foods effect your moods, so make sure that what you are feeding yourself will nourish you and make you feel energised.


A picture of Leonardo DiCaprio just because. 1. I like this picture and 2. His win at the Oscars last night showed that with or without praise and recognition you must remain consistent. 3.Cheers to the new week!

I hope this helps even if just a little bit but this is what I live by and a Monday is never an issue for me. You can make this day and week yours and if you really really hate your job or current situation its time to grab the notepad and make an action plan to get out. You have a choice and have the power to create your world. Never doubt that. Here’s a little video I came across in the week I hope you enjoy!

Love&Light Always


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