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Take the time to recharge.

Hey beautiful people,

We took a long break but we are back!

It is so vital to recharge your batteries and also was a good chance to get some new projects underway and myself and Islah were both on our own personal trips. I was on a trip with my son and Islah travelled to Zanzibar with the Al-Ansari Foundation to help build a school for orphans as well as build a new water well and build a fisherman’s boat.

On reflection on my break I thought it would be nice for me to just write and share the importance of slowing down, even when everything is going great. Sometimes we need to allow our bodies to rest and we may not even know it. Its not a weak point to hold your hands up and say ‘Hey I need to step back a bit and have a few days to myself’. Its almost vital for you to do it. If like me you are a bit of a workaholic then yes this will be very hard for you but like I said it really helps to recharge your batteries. It can be amazing for you and the people around you, if you learn to find a balance between work and play. Since i’ve found my balance life has been happier and much more enjoyable. I no longer sweat the small things and its enabled me to become more organised and focus on the tasks at hand rather than have my mind do 100 things at once.


In my time off I was able to spend some quality time with family, travel and work on some up and coming projects. I feel ready and pumped for the new week. I am looking forward to announcing some new projects for PickMeUpInc, super excited for all that is to come and also new permanent blog days. I just want to take this opportunity to thank the universe and for all you guys supporting! I feel so blessed to be able to share the words that come to me and for them to help others the way the do me.

Goodnight Kings and Queens.

Love&Light Always



A little PickMeUp on a Sunday evening.

Hey Guys!

I hope that you’ve had a great weekend! If not, then tomorrow is a brand new week. I just wanted to share this picture as it really inspired me.


It is up to us as the superhero’s in our lives to create the moment of calm. The moment where we are content, the moment we take in what is around us and be grateful!. I know at times we go through crap and we want to blame somebody else. I truly believe the only time we need to feel true sadness to the point of despair is through death. Everything else, yes everything else can be fixed. We just have to be centred and stay grounded. I always say if you are angry about something, wait 24hours before reacting. If you no longer feel the anger then it was never something worth reacting to. No use on making permanent decisions based on temporary feelings. You hold the power and only you can allow yourself to trip. Every moment is spiritual, every moment is special, every moment is one we won’t get back so lets make it worth living!

A good evening from me and thank you for reading:)

Love&Light Always





Free your mind. Just do your best!

Hey beautiful people,

I will keep this short and sweet. I was going to bed and my mind started wondering to the thoughts of how much pressure we put ourselves under to know what we are doing and to grow up! It leads us to feel sad, have spurts of down days and even leads to depression. We hold ourselves prisoners in our minds, piling on the pressure to find our bliss and to get it all done perfectly before we hit a certain age.

Well I am here to say enough is enough! We don’t have to feel inadequate because we’re not moving at the same pace as others. It’s ok not to be ok. It’s ok to be stuck, it’s ok to not know what you want to do and it is very much ok to NOT have your whole life planned out in front of you. With social media sky high and the images we see of everybody ‘having it together’ we almost look at our own lives and think ‘Damn, what am I doing?’.

Firstly, its never a good idea to compare ourselves to others, yes by all means allow someone to have a positive influence on you but too much comparison leads to too much resentment and some of that old self hate that we are all so good at doing.

Secondly, whilst we are so busy and in a rush to climb to the top of the mountain we forget to stop and take in the view.

Slow down, take a minute to take in your surroundings. Remember you will never get these years back! They should be enjoyed. Be a little more gentle with yourself. Allow yourself to find what it is you want to do, you may find you don’t just have a love for one thing. You may be somebody that jumps from projects to projects and thats ok, or you may be somebody that puts their all in to one project and guess what? Thats still very much ok.

What works for you may not work for somebody else. But thats perfectly fine. Its your life and thats the beauty of it. It’s your journey. Go have fun with it. Free your mind.

Love&Light Always.






Create a life that feels good

I can’t stress this enough. We live in a generation where we see a couple together and are quick to throw up hand signs praising when really not knowing anything about them. We are so quick to see people post a dinner in a decent restaurant and are like ‘omg. Living!’ These times there are literally 3 prawns on a plate. We see designer footwear and assume ‘ballingggg’.

We are also quick to try and keep up with the pressures of presenting our best selves. But we get so caught up on what we look like we forget what we feel like. And trust me! People will be able to feel you and your presence before they even decided if that LV belt is real or not.

Having luxury things are not a crime and yes if you are doing well and that’s the way your bank account is setup then go ahead, as Kevin hart says ‘IF YOU GOT IT…BALLLLL OUT! Haha! No but jokes aside, lets start making out inner selves luxury, let’s start making our energy expensive and just as wanted as you know these designer labels are. Work on your self and your happiness. I’ve learnt that I am not perfect nor should we aim to be. Keeping up an image is long. Be you. Be free. Be happy.

Love&Light Always



A Sunday well spent. Brings a week of content.


As the weekend comes to an end and some may be disappointed to learn that yes tomorrow is indeed Monday. (can i get a boo?) lol. Others of course don’t mind a Monday. Anyway we are not there yet so for now lets come back to the moment, lets come back to now.

I only really wanted to write this post to say instead of worrying too much about tomorrow, or moaning about your job or feeling miserable that the weekend is over. Use this time to relax and reflect. Use these last few hours of Sunday to smile, to read a book, to catch up with a friend or family member. Whatever will make you smile. Do it.

What you do today sets the frequency, what you allow your mind to think before bed will affect your mood for the coming day. So enjoy now. In this moment. Take a minute to think a happy thought and last but not least I hope you have an amazing week.



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Our worst Habit is to talk of the bad in our life.

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We feed life into the negative and wonder why the negative feeds on us. It’s a cycle. Not to say we should never discuss the bad in our life or share an issue ect BUT there’s a difference between discussing something to get it off your chest or discussing it because misery loves company. Let’s enjoy our highs and our accomplishments , we’ve always been taught it’s almost bad to talk about the good and being proud is easily misplaced as being a show off. Well it’s your time to shine! U deserve it. Feed the positive and when the positive feeds you, you will feel so much better for it. Have a good day beautiful people.

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