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We may know a lot but we do not know it all- STAY OPEN


Fresh Start / Clarity / Open / Motivated / Let Go / Focus

Hey guys!

So this week I’m going to use a word from our themed calendar! If you have our calendar under the quote you will see some keywords for the month (used above) and we are going to be focusing on a word a week, this week it is OPEN. I’m excited for this because i’m hoping by using these words it will help shift and change the way we operate and think from day to day. So many times when going for goals we just focus on all the action it takes to get there but forgetting to look at our behaviour patterns and our emotional wellbeing whilst doing so.


Monday Misery? Combat Monday blues!


Fresh Start / Clarity / Openness / Motivated / Let Go / Focus 


Good rising and happy Monday!

It’s Gabs aka @buddhawithapackpack here and some of you may have read my posts on a Wednesday over on the Pick Me Up Inc Instagram and here’s my first Monday Motivation!

Monday is my favourite day of the week. Why? (more…)

New year..New you blues?

Hey guys!!

New year and new you and all that jazz…. OR if you woke up this morning after the new year hype and realised you are in fact the same you in the same body, with the same problems as 24hrs ago accompanied with a little bit of dread or anxiety then I can assure you, that you are not alone.

But as it is the 1st month on a Monday I have a special Monday motivation for you that I think you may find useful to get you realigned and ready for this month. And I will use the first month of the 2018 pick me up inc calendar along with its #pmimakeithappen. (more…)

How to do less but get more out of your day

Hey guys!

So it’s the beginning of the week and if you’re anything like me you set your intentions for the day and week ahead, list is full of wonderful things and you feel motivated and ready to go….BUT forward to Wednesday and you’ve not even done 25% of your list and the procrastination kicks in accompanied with that negative self talk and the feeling of disappointment…well that was me until I changed up the way I attacked my work load by doing just ONE thing! (more…)

5 tips to realign yourself when your week is going shit

Hey beautiful human,

Yes you, beautiful, with your flaws and all. I firstly wanted to congratulate you, another week, we made it! Even if last week was a complete disaster we’ve been given the chance to go again!

Last week for me personally was a mess. lol! But i remained focused and didn’t let it completely take over, so this week’s Monday motivation is all about my top 5 tips on how i remained aligned when having such a shit week. 🙂 (more…)

You get to choose! 

Good rising!!

Sooo last night my cousin asked me how I am positive in the morning and what gets me up. I sent back a lengthy voice note but once I listened back it was apparent to me that it’s simply gratitude.

We give over so much of our power, letting external things create mini thunderstorms inside of us. But the moment I recognised I get to choose how I respond to things was the moment life became better.

I am grateful because I have a choice, a choice I didn’t have when I was younger. I wake up and feel grateful just to choose how I get to feel. I think of young kids living in the middle of a war zone who have no choice. I think of women and men trying to flee their countries because it’s unsafe where they are. So when I rise on a Monday morning I don’t sit and complain, I count my blessings and I remember my power. I remember I get to choose. I hope on this Monday morning you remember that also.

Enjoy and remember you are stronger than you think.

Love&Light Always.


Stop outsourcing your happiness!

Good rising!

There are 2 types of people in this world…


Person 1: This person wakes up and has no patience whatsoever may find themselves even talking at the kettle… ‘oh hurry up’ then get to the train station and their train is delayed ‘oh for fuck sake!’ they curse to themselves (because obviously swearing at the timetable gets the train to your platform quicker) the kind of person who can’t sit in traffic for no longer than 5 minutes and then questions ‘will this be my day then..why always me?’ then will silently agree their life is crap and they have the worst luck. ha-ha..sound familiar? (more…)

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