How to do less but get more out of your day

Hey guys!

So it’s the beginning of the week and if you’re anything like me you set your intentions for the day and week ahead, list is full of wonderful things and you feel motivated and ready to go….BUT forward to Wednesday and you’ve not even done 25% of your list and the procrastination kicks in accompanied with that negative self talk and the feeling of disappointment…well that was me until I changed up the way I attacked my work load by doing just ONE thing! Continue reading “How to do less but get more out of your day”

5 tips to realign yourself when your week is going shit

Hey beautiful human,

Yes you, beautiful, with your flaws and all. I firstly wanted to congratulate you, another week, we made it! Even if last week was a complete disaster we’ve been given the chance to go again!

Last week for me personally was a mess. lol! But i remained focused and didn’t let it completely take over, so this week’s Monday motivation is all about my top 5 tips on how i remained aligned when having such a shit week. 🙂 Continue reading “5 tips to realign yourself when your week is going shit”

The magic 4 step formula to achieving your goals for 2017!

Good Rising!

So it’s the first Monday of 2017 and we are back! We hope you are well, feeling good and ready to go. If you’re aren’t then not to worry, i’ll be honest I had a burst of energy towards the end of last year and the festive break made me slow down and I kind of thought…how am I going to pick this back up and go again? Continue reading “The magic 4 step formula to achieving your goals for 2017!”

You get to choose! 

Good rising!!

Sooo last night my cousin asked me how I am positive in the morning and what gets me up. I sent back a lengthy voice note but once I listened back it was apparent to me that it’s simply gratitude.

We give over so much of our power, letting external things create mini thunderstorms inside of us. But the moment I recognised I get to choose how I respond to things was the moment life became better.

I am grateful because I have a choice, a choice I didn’t have when I was younger. I wake up and feel grateful just to choose how I get to feel. I think of young kids living in the middle of a war zone who have no choice. I think of women and men trying to flee their countries because it’s unsafe where they are. So when I rise on a Monday morning I don’t sit and complain, I count my blessings and I remember my power. I remember I get to choose. I hope on this Monday morning you remember that also.

Enjoy and remember you are stronger than you think.

Love&Light Always.


Stop outsourcing your happiness!

Good rising!

There are 2 types of people in this world…


Person 1: This person wakes up and has no patience whatsoever may find themselves even talking at the kettle… ‘oh hurry up’ then get to the train station and their train is delayed ‘oh for fuck sake!’ they curse to themselves (because obviously swearing at the timetable gets the train to your platform quicker) the kind of person who can’t sit in traffic for no longer than 5 minutes and then questions ‘will this be my day then..why always me?’ then will silently agree their life is crap and they have the worst luck. ha-ha..sound familiar? Continue reading “Stop outsourcing your happiness!”

Don’t skip the hustle!

Good rising!!

SO if you are new to PICK ME UP then hey, welcome, take a seat! ha-ha! No but if you are then this is our Monday Motivation segment where we post a little video or anything that we feel will give you a little boost on a Monday Morning.

Yesterday our founder attended the GIRL BOSS UK event and one thing she kept hearing was not one of these amazing inspiring ladies skipped the hustle, we heard from the likes of industry experts Sian AndersonJulie Adenuga, and presenter Maya Jama who also hosted the event, just to name a few.

Our founder, Yasmin Elizabeth at GIRLBOSSUK
Our founder, Yasmin Elizabeth at GIRLBOSSUK

Every single person who spoke spoke about their journey, the knock backs, the doubt but all embraced that their journey is what made them who they are and to be honest it didn’t sound like any of them were stopping yet. From some of the ladies working retail jobs whilst applying for every intern they could find, flipping burgers in McDonalds or dropping out of uni, every single one of these ladies had to endure some sort of hustle before stepping in to their ‘dream role’.

Maya Jama speaking with Rosie Davies, Julie Adenuga and Sian Anderson
Maya Jama speaking with Rosie Davies, Julie Adenuga and Sian Anderson

So today we just wanted to say whatever job or situation you are in you have the power to get to where you want to be. You just can’t skip the hustle and in actual fact accepting where you are and living within your means will cut away half of your frustrations.

We hope you smash Monday and we hope you enjoy this short video we found on youtube about Simon Cowell speaking about losing it all in his 30’s and we think it is perfect for the topic of today’s monday motivation. DON’T SKIP THE HUSTLE!!

Love, light and all the courage

PickMeUpInc x

“I never really felt like a boss to them, we were all hustling in those days”

Simon Cowell

A little pick me up

Hey beautiful being!

SO its Mondayyyy, again! Yep the weekend went quicker than we could say party! haha!

As usual we like to kick start your day, and today is this video found made on youtube! Short clips of amazing motivational people speaking about pursuing their dreams. 5 minutes and it can change your day.


Love&Light Always


Will you show up today?

Good rising!

So we are back with another Monday Motivation and I urge you to watch this video I found on YouTube. Whether you know what you are doing with your life (let’s be honest none of us do) whether you are feeling a little lost or just need something to remind you why you started in the first place.

It’s a speech that Steve Jobs gave at Stanford graduation. It is honest, true and most of all thought provoking. I receive e-mails and messages every day asking me how I keep going, how I run Pick Me Up, how I remain consistent. And despite just me wanting to help and make a difference it comes down to the information that I feed myself and my mind. The videos I watch, the books I read, they motivate me to keep going, they motivate me to follow my heart. So I am sharing with you.

I hope you enjoy:) as always send on to those you think may need to hear the message in the video and as always have an amazing day…make sure you show up. Life is waiting for you.

Love&Light Always.