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Change your mindset. Change your Monday 

Good rising!!
Firstly congratulations! Congratulations on joining us in the start to changing your life. You know to see big outcomes you must start off with small changes. Breaking free from the conditioning of something as simple as ‘hating mondays’ is a good place to start.

Your attitude moulds your life, whether you like it or not. You respond to EVERYTHING based on where YOU are at. Emotionally and mentally.

The moment you wake up and groan you are already denying life, you are already sending out ‘I don’t want to be here’.

You my friend, CAN and with our help change that.

Monday’s don’t have to be crap, Monday’s are just like any other day. What you make it.

Be the person and hold the kind of energy you would like to be around.
6 months ago during my breakdown I HATED my job and it affected everything. Now being a single mum who needs specific hours to work around my childcare I couldn’t just up and leave. I cried before work, I was grumpy at work, my energy was low. I was not the sunshine. I felt a little sorry for myself BUT not more than I felt sorry for my colleagues who had to be around me. So I actively looked for other work. You see that’s the problem most days, we complain about where we are at yet rarely actively set out to change it. 2 months later I was back doing what I loved, perfect hours, better money and all within a 25 minute drive from home! Winning!! I left my old job with an open door and a great reference and set upon my new journey.

I now work for myself on Mondays so Monday’s are always filled with work and little treats.

I always do something cute for myself on a Monday, whether it’s flowers or my favourite chocolate, a candle lit bath or a catch up with a friend. Why do we save all the good stuff for the weekend anyway?

Today I want you to do something nice for somebody else and then some thing nice for yourself and if it is your job that’s the problem or a toxic relationship getting you down I want you to start actively looking at how you can change that.

You deserve to live and be happy and you deserve to do what you love. You’ve just got to want it bad enough and understand it’s not going to be given on a plate. You have the strength even when you don’t feel like it, you are magic and you are different and have a purpose in this life. Never forget that!
Hope you have an amazing day! And enjoy this little video I found on you tube!!
Love&light always.


Monday Motivation- The other side of fear

Goood rising!
Im going to jump straight in and talk about fear.

What is fear? Is it a bad thing? or could you use fear to excel in areas of your life you didn’t think possible?
The ultimate thing I have learnt is that for as long as we are pushing out of our comfort zones, we will ALWAYS experience fear.
I’m experiencing fear right now as I prep for this workshop I will be presenting later, but I now know fear is my trigger to know that I am pushing myself.

You too can push past your fears, the boundaries you create for yourself, the negative self chatter which has become your best friend.
The life you want is on the other side of your comfort zone and please believe fear will be your best friend. For as long as you grow, fear will be present. Never resent it. As you push past your fears your confidence will grow, your whole life experience will change, expand and you will ultimately become more powerful.

Pull the power from inside of you, you don’t need to belittle anyone else to get there, you already have a purpose, a gift. So take the risks that will help build on your self worth and take responsibility of your life. It’s hard to imagine that WE are the ones making our lives miserable and its easier to pass the blame on lousy friends, crap jobs, hard going bosses and destructive relationships, but really we are to blame. Whether you like it or not, you reading this right now have a choice and how you choose to deal with things and also what and who you choose to have in your life.

I hope today you do at least ONE thing out of your comfort zone and fight the fear. I’ve also listed ‘Susan Jeffers- Feel the fear and do it anyway’ on our book club page so I would definitely recommend reading that if you feel a little stuck right now!

Enjoy this little video I found on YouTube and I hope you have an incredible start to your week!
Love&Light Always


Monday Motivation- Why are you here?

Good rising guys,

I won’t make this a long one, I was away this weekend mentoring with an amazing charity called XLP. The one thing it highlighted to me was:

Our hands are here to serve, our hearts to love and our mouths for words of encouragement. 

Don’t be so fixated on what you can take but take time to think about what you can give back.

I am no expert on life and I don’t have all the answers but the one thing I am sure of is we are all here to fulfil a purpose, and before your mind starts wondering to the lack of success you’ve had, purpose and success are two very different things.

This weekend taught me to live more simply and to use what God already gave me, my body, my mind and my words. With just these three things (which I feel blessed to have) I feel I am already fulfilling my purpose here on earth.

This Monday don’t be so hard on yourself trying to have it all together, just go out there and do the best you can with what you have!

Aspire to be more and to help others.

Happy Monday

Love&Light always


Monday Motivation- Be the GIRLBOSS!

Hey hey!

All I have in my head from yesterday’s GIRLBOSS event is YASSSSSS HONEY YASSSSS!

If you were there then you know exactly what I am talking about! OMG! What an amazing event! Put on by the fabulous Kiziah&Co and Shieleen David! SO this Monday Motivation is literally a quick one to say YOU CAN DO WHATEVER IT IS YOU WANT TO DO!

Yesterday was hosted by one of my favourite presenters Maya Jama, I shared the stage with some of the most amazing and inspiring women in our generation and if you had of told me 2 years ago when I started Pick Me Up Inc that the same people I follow and get inspiration from on instagram and in life that I would be up there sharing the same stage I would of laughed also the fact that I get stage fright would have been another reason to laugh at such a crazy idea. But yesterday there I was up there speaking and networking away! ha-ha!

Besides doing small workshops on self love and speaking I got a chance to share the stage with my amazing friend LuLu and tell everyone about a new project called ‘The Hush Puppy Project’ we are raising funds to build a library in Zambia. (More Info to come in a post based on that) but we raised some money yesterday so THANK YOU!


Myself and the beautiful Maya Jama

We had the likes of Ruby Moore (dear friend of mine) and CEO of amor magazine, Siobhan Bell, DJ and founder of cherryade, Mama’s Boutiques ladies, Just Geen, Personal trainer and food blogger, Shea Moss and last but not least Chams and Lina from FACE4MUSIC. Not to mention the incredible performances from Shear, Nipah and Rebecca Garton. Then all the amazing beautiful ladies that came out for the event! It was literally a party!


Me and Ruby Moore (CEO of Amor) Work those frames, yassss honey!

I won’t keep you for much longer but this is a reminder that you are a girl boss, your biggest downfall is probably what you tell yourself you can’t do yet you are probably there being one of your friends biggest supporters! Cheer yourself on, get around like minded individuals. So many amazing women came and spoke with me yesterday and the main thing I got was that they were scared to go for their goal. But all I say is what is there more to fear? Trying and it taking a very long time? (because you will get there one day) or never trying and going to that job you hate everyday? or staying in that relationship or friendship that you know is no good for you? Only you can change your life and it starts with the words and thoughts you have and tell yourself.

I did put together a short video but it wouldn’t upload so for now `i will leave you with something super cute and inspiring from youtube. Enjoy. x

Love&Light Always


Monday Motivation- Manifest your day

Good rising guys!

So it’s Monday and the sun is shining in London. Can’t be a bad start can it? But for some of you, you would have already thought the worse.

I want you to know you manifest your day, how you start your day can be everything but its never too late to start if yours hasn’t started how you wanted.

3  S T E P S  T O  A  B E T T E R  M O N D A Y

-Rise earlier-

-Take a minute to yourself, visualise how you want your day to go-

-Workout in the AM, get your endorphins going-

A N D  B E  G O O D  T O  Y O U R S E L F

Whether you like it or not energy is real, your thoughts do count for something and you do attract things to you. You are deserving of a good life, you deserve happy days and you deserve to do well. But you’ve got to want it, you have to be kind to yourself and you have to take responsibility for your actions and thoughts.

You have to believe you already have it, see yourself live it, visualise it.

You are a magnet.

Enjoy this video I found of some of the most well known actors and successful people of our time speaking about the law of attraction and the power of manifestation.

Enjoy and share!



Monday Motivation- You Still Have Time


Good rising guys!

So yesterday’s Sunday session was about procrastination, here we are with a new day and a new week to start a new leaf. You still have time to follow that dream or tick off that to-do list but the time is now.

Here’s a little 3 minute video featuring motivational speaker Eric Thomas that I listened to this morning, listen, take note and pass it on. We can help build each other to the top.


Have an amazing start to the week guys.


Love&Light Always


Monday Motivation- Have you got a finisher’s heart?

Good rising guys!

Monday, Monday, Monday!

New week, new goals or maybe working on the old ones but definitely a new day for opportunties and to go that little bit harder!

Me and my (amazing) friend Ashleigh (@MsAshleighJadee) pick a word for the week every Sunday, I think so far we’ve had, fearless, consistency, honesty and this weeks word is PATIENCE!

We do this because it allows us to concentrate on a particular area in our lives that we may not pay attention to otherwise. I was so happy when Ash picked this word because living in an instant generation where we literally have everything at the click of a button it is easy to become impatient and maybe even give up on things prematurely.

I have found that exercising patience isn’t about the ability to wait, if something is delayed we have no choice but to wait. lol But it is our attitude while waiting that is everything.


I’ve used this picture of J.K.Rowling because the story of her patience and consistency is an iconic one. There were days when she wanted to give up and there was certainly days where she could see no light at the end of the tunnel but lucky for her and us she didn’t give up. She kept going and with patience, persistence and a lot of fight she is now one of the most iconic women in publishing. Oh and yes you read write…she was 31 years old. So don’t stress too much if you’re in your 20’s feeling a little lost and discouraged.

Have you got a finisher’s heart? Don’t quit!

I hope you can join us in exercising patience this week or even pick your very own word to use, honestly it makes such a difference. But I will stop yapping on now and leave you with this short and sweet video I found on youtube all about patience. I hope you enjoy and have an amazing week!

Love & Light Always

Y.E. x

Monday Motivation- Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish

Morning Morning!


I’ve been up since 5am and I’m feeling gooood! I’ve will be writing a blog all about utilising your mornings to get the best out of your day BUT we will save that for another day! Today I wanted to sprinkle a little light on why you may not be particularly excited that its a Monday and just how we can help you out.

Normally the dread of waking up to a new week can stem from the fact that you hate your job which means you’re not doing what you love. Now as morbid as this sounds, we are all going to die. In fact you are dying right now, it just may be that you haven’t got an incurable decease that you fail to acknowledge that every day is a blessing and the problem you have is you think you have time.

I am a massive fan of Steve Jobs (Founder of Apple and Pixar) and his story, but one thing that always spoke to me was his opinion and passion for doing what you love. He said every morning he would look in the mirror and ask him self ‘If this was the last day of my life would I wanna do what I’m about to do, and if the answer is no a few days in a row then I know it is time to change something.’ This is invaluable advice. As many of you rise and get out the house today ask yourself this same question. If the answer is no then don’t settle! Find what you love, stay working and hustling but don’t you ever settle until you’ve found that job or career that makes you want to jump out of bed every morning.

In true Monday Motivation tradition I will leave you with this cool video I found of one of Steve Jobs speeches. I hope you are inspired as I was and I will let you in to a secret, I don’t particularly like my part time job so after watching this video I went and applied for what I could call my dream job. Like Steve Jobs says. I’m going to die anyway, what do I have to lose?

So don’t settle! Find your passion and love what you do!

Happy Monday and have a good one!

Love&Light Always



Monday Motivation- How’s your week looking? BOOMING!

Good Rising Guys!



     Sooo yep it’s Monday, some of you are excited for the new week ahead but majority have cries and despair over the fact that it is indeed Monday again.

You already know the deal, here at Pick Me Up Inc we love a Monday and I personally love it too! “How can she love a monday?” I hear you ask yourself in disbelief, well I’ve made Mondays MINE and here are 5 tips to make Monday YOURS!


1.SET SOME INTENTIONS AND GET UP AND OUT! (or even if you’re staying in, get washed & up!)

2.Write a list (my good friend Ana swears by lists) I get anxiety from time to time and writing a list even if when I’m at work really helps me get organised and I feel great ticking everything off! Win Win!

3.Include something in your Monday that is just for you! Without fail on a Monday I always make time to do something I love whether it is a cheeky latte in the cafe by myself, read, workout or catching up with a friend.

4.Do something for somebody else, whether it be to buy a colleague a coffee, help a neighbour or even send this Monday Motivation to somebody else 😉

‘If you’re not making someone else’s life better, you’re wasting your time’- Will Smith

5.And last but not least your foods effect your moods, so make sure that what you are feeding yourself will nourish you and make you feel energised.


A picture of Leonardo DiCaprio just because. 1. I like this picture and 2. His win at the Oscars last night showed that with or without praise and recognition you must remain consistent. 3.Cheers to the new week!

I hope this helps even if just a little bit but this is what I live by and a Monday is never an issue for me. You can make this day and week yours and if you really really hate your job or current situation its time to grab the notepad and make an action plan to get out. You have a choice and have the power to create your world. Never doubt that. Here’s a little video I came across in the week I hope you enjoy!

Love&Light Always


Monday Motivation- You got this!

Oprah Winfrey seen onstage at 2014 Santa Barbara International Film Festival - Montecito Award ceremony on Wednesday, Feb, 5, 2014 in Santa Barbara, Calif. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)

Good morning guys!

It’s Monday, and here in London its raining (shock!) for some its the first day back to work after the weekend and for parents the first day back to the school run, I know secretly some are like woo woo after a week of mess and mayhem trying to keep the kids entertained. (I feel you! ha-ha)

Yesterday I had the pleasure of delivering workshops based on self love to girls and women from the ages of 5-31. I came home and started watching all sorts on women empowerment and stumbled across this short but effective video on youtube.

I hope this video Im going to share with you inspires you as it did me! If you’re a male reader I believe you can gage something also but please show your daughters, send to your partners or friends. Any woman you know that may need that little reminder that they have got this! We all fail, we all lack self care at some point but thats not a reason to give up! Enjoy and share share share!

Love&Light Always


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