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Are you sabotaging yourself?

Hey guys!!

Yasmin here! Happy Monday! or not a happy Monday? depending on your mood right now….but I am hoping we can lift that and get you to go again after this post.

I’ve been going through the most the last few weeks and I really wanted to just cancel life and lay in bed but unfortunately the way my life is set up…lol! But it got me thinking about how many times I have done that… just quit everything, missed opportunities ..all because I was in a funk over some crap I actually can’t remember right now. Which lead me to this… (more…)

The drive to self love


You can’t pour from an empty cup… So this month is about sharing ways to keep you topped up!

Last week, Yas’s Monday Motivation about Self Love was great because she listed some really handy steps to embed self love into our daily routines to keep the love coming in.

This week, I Gabs want to touch on four main anchors that keep me happy, fulfilled and afloat! 🙂 (more…)

Why self care may not be working for you

Hey guys!

Yasmin here! So I had a whole Monday Motivation set out and ready to share with you all and then I read a few messages I received and a lot of them were questions on ‘How I do what I do and find balance.’ So decided to get up and re-write a new blog for you all:) lol!

I would be lying if I said I had the balance thing on lock because I don’t and there are a few of my friends that will tell you I take forever to reply to messages. (sorry friends) If you are new to this blog then I am Yasmin, founder of Pick Me Up Inc, mum to 6 year old Cameron, part time beauty therapist and student training to be a PT but I wanted to share my secret that keeps me going. (more…)