A Sunday well spent. Brings a week of content.


As the weekend comes to an end and some may be disappointed to learn that yes tomorrow is indeed Monday. (can i get a boo?) lol. Others of course don’t mind a Monday. Anyway we are not there yet so for now lets come back to the moment, lets come back to now.

I only really wanted to write this post to say instead of worrying too much about tomorrow, or moaning about your job or feeling miserable that the weekend is over. Use this time to relax and reflect. Use these last few hours of Sunday to smile, to read a book, to catch up with a friend or family member. Whatever will make you smile. Do it.

What you do today sets the frequency, what you allow your mind to think before bed will affect your mood for the coming day. So enjoy now. In this moment. Take a minute to think a happy thought and last but not least I hope you have an amazing week.



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