Create a life that feels good

I can’t stress this enough. We live in a generation where we see a couple together and are quick to throw up hand signs praising when really not knowing anything about them. We are so quick to see people post a dinner in a decent restaurant and are like ‘omg. Living!’ These times there are literally 3 prawns on a plate. We see designer footwear and assume ‘ballingggg’.

We are also quick to try and keep up with the pressures of presenting our best selves. But we get so caught up on what we look like we forget what we feel like. And trust me! People will be able to feel you and your presence before they even decided if that LV belt is real or not.

Having luxury things are not a crime and yes if you are doing well and that’s the way your bank account is setup then go ahead, as Kevin hart says ‘IF YOU GOT IT…BALLLLL OUT! Haha! No but jokes aside, lets start making out inner selves luxury, let’s start making our energy expensive and just as wanted as you know these designer labels are. Work on your self and your happiness. I’ve learnt that I am not perfect nor should we aim to be. Keeping up an image is long. Be you. Be free. Be happy.

Love&Light Always



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