A little PickMeUp on a Sunday evening.

Hey Guys!

I hope that you’ve had a great weekend! If not, then tomorrow is a brand new week. I just wanted to share this picture as it really inspired me.


It is up to us as the superhero’s in our lives to create the moment of calm. The moment where we are content, the moment we take in what is around us and be grateful!. I know at times we go through crap and we want to blame somebody else. I truly believe the only time we need to feel true sadness to the point of despair is through death. Everything else, yes everything else can be fixed. We just have to be centred and stay grounded. I always say if you are angry about something, wait 24hours before reacting. If you no longer feel the anger then it was never something worth reacting to. No use on making permanent decisions based on temporary feelings. You hold the power and only you can allow yourself to trip. Every moment is spiritual, every moment is special, every moment is one we won’t get back so lets make it worth living!

A good evening from me and thank you for reading:)

Love&Light Always





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