When you feel like you are lost down the rabbit hole.

Hey Guys,

After having a conversation with a friend about ‘where they are heading’ and the confusion surrounding it, it occurred to me the pressure we put ourselves under to have it all together. It’s as if we feel we must know what direction we are heading in and are so focused on reaching a destination that we forget to enjoy the journey. We’ve all been there, the friend who doesn’t know what they want to be, the only single friend, the friend who doesn’t want to go uni, the friend who looks at everybody else and has to question ‘WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?!!!’ Everybody else looks like they are getting on with things and doesn’t seemed to have fell down the rabbit hole with its twists and turns, its tunnels of uncertainty and you are so sure that the cakes in the fridge are saying ‘EAT ME’ driving you into a frenzy of munching and watching series after series on Netflix! BUT be assured you will find your way out of the rabbit hole.

I know some of my friends who have a plan to a certain extent and I personally love to have a goal to aim towards but never do I feel we should be pressured into making decisions just to look or feel like we are in control. Its ok to feel a little lost, its ok to NOT know what you want to do yet. You are still learning, still growing and being stretched by life’s lessons.

The more we think about which way is the right way the more confused we can get. The pressure from comparing our progress with others, the pressure from families wanting us to do well and sometimes we want to yell STOP! Lets stop allowing our past and future to rob us of the present. Lets soak in the moments around us illiminating the feelings of anxiety, worry and regret.

I hope you have enjoyed your Sunday and as I always say ‘A Sunday well spent brings a week of content’.

Love&Light Always.




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  1. sdorttuiiplmnr
    4th December 2015 at 2:14 am (4 years ago)

    I don’t normally comment but I gotta say thankyou for the post on this special one : D.


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