‘My Hair Journey’

Hi beautiful people!

This week is a personal one about me:) Yasmin! Well actually its all about my hair aka my mane aka my crown aka the big crazy curly fluff ball that sits on my head! HA-HA! So many people inbox about my hair and what products I use and how it remains so healthy although I colour it and another one I get asked is “How are you so confident with curly hair?”  Firstly I wanted to say I HATED my hair, like absolutely despised it! I’ve only had the confidence to wear it natural within the last 3 years! I used to straighten it all the time, longing to be like the girls in my class at school with their long wavy controlled hair whilst mine was stubborn and did as it pleased. I went through a few phases with my hair which resulted in it being very badly damaged and it lost all its life! See pictures below!


short blonde


These are just a few pictures which see me sporting all straight hair, whether blonde, brown, weave. I’ve also had red, black and even shaved the side of my hair but all hairstyles had one thing in common, there isn’t a curl in sight! I used to have beautiful curly hair but in my stubbornness to want it straight I ended up damaging it really bad and I will never forget washing it one day and it wouldn’t go curly, at all, I walked in to school and my friend Lauren couldn’t believe it, my hair literally looked like rats tails, and you know when bits go curly then you have all these straight bits that are just too damaged to do anything so they just hang there. That was me! I remember looking in the mirror and thinking “Well there you go Yas, you wanted straight hair and now you have it” and guess what? I hated it! I hated not having a choice between straight and curly.

Most girls now will find the front of their hair isn’t as curly as the back due to straightening, who remembers having a straight fringe and a massive bun? Ha-ha! But those that get weave sewn in and leave the front out to cover the tracks may definitely experience this. Or some like me would have damaged it all so you don’t want to wear it natural ever again and fall in to the trap of straightening it all the time. BUT WORRY NOT! Im here to say that with a bit of TLC and patience you can get your curls back in to tip top shape. Here is a picture of me when I first started wearing my hair curly at the end of 2012.

damaged curls

Although this is a very filtered photo (I can’t find anymore, I probably never took many because I felt hideous) you can still see that my curls are not very curly at all. My hair was awful but I stacked up on treatments and hair grease! ha-ha! I remember going to the hairdressers and asking for a trim to cut all the dead ends off, then I thought I have to rock this hair, I have to own it. Everybody hates the in-between stage especially me but I knew it would only be for a while. 3/4 months later my hair looked like this.

feeling confident

Still not as curly as I would have liked but I know I was feeling more confident and happy with it. I remember being so scared to put this up on instagram as it wasn’t the usual ‘middle parting weave’ that everybody else was rocking. BUT as time went on I started to love and embrace my NATURAL hair.

As time went on I invested in products such as Morrocan Oil and started to take regular trips to the hairdressers for trims and treatments. One of my favourite products to use was IC styling gel which comes in a clear squeezy bottle & is about £2.99 from hair shops such as ACE. I loved the fact it controlled the frizz of my curls but didn’t make them hard or crusty like most gels did once they dried. As time has gone on I’ve adopted a more natural approach and have made a few treatments at home. Much cheaper, easier and you know whats in it.

home treatment

 1 Avocado


Olive Oil



Mashed all together and as you can see in the before and after picture above, it really did the trick! I left it on whilst I did the housework and rinsed out later in the evening. My hair felt amazing!

I have now started using Mrs Millis products as well which are all made buy her and are organic, I love the ‘Leave In Sweetness Hair Conditioner with Shea Butter Vanilla & Strawberry’ and not only are the hair products amazing but the body products are too! Please check them out guys! You won’t be disappointed!


mrs millis

My Hair Transition!


On my journey to conscious living and being aware of what I am putting on both my hair and body I have found that my skin and hair hasn’t felt better! I have started to appreciate my differences and also realised that not all curls are the same. I am learning to embrace mine and with the patience of nearly 3 years they are getting to stage where I love them. They are my crown and its funny because the odd time I do straighten my hair I don’t feel like me. My hair has grown very long and I’m actually cutting a fair bit off this weekend just to encourage that bounce and health. Anybody out there that has hair looking like my first few pics but is still in that trap of just straightening it you are only making it worse! The time will pass anyway and I am so happy that I started my journey on to *SAVINGMYCURLS*. You just have to have some patience and really invest in them! I hope this helps and if you have any more questions please feel free to e-mail in


last curly

I hope you enjoyed this weeks PICK&MIX and I will meet you all here next week:) In the meantime love you and appreciate you in your purest forms! Heres me FREEING THE FRO!


Love&Light Always.


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