Monday Motivation- Dream job

Good rising you beautiful person,

So it’s Monday, most of us hate a Monday but I want you to imagine that today you are going to have your dream day, what would that consist of? What sort of job would you be waking up to? What sort of clothes would you wear? What would it take for you to wake up and smile? You got it? All in your head? Can you see yourself having the dream day? Or at your dream job? Well amazing if you can but if you can’t then stop complaining about a Monday because how can you dislike a day when you don’t even know what it would take to make it better? 

If you have the vision then awesome, now it’s time to plan for you to get there. Sometimes we allow our own negative self talk to stand in our way of pursuing the job we really want. Or we allow friends and family to talk us down because they want us to stick to that ‘stable’ job you’ve had for your years because you’re safe there. The job that makes you the most unstable mentally and makes you not want to get up in the morning. 

Your dream job can be ANYTHING. Whatever that title may mean to you, a dream job can be teaching, being a road sweeper, working in a library, being an artist or whatever. Even if you have to go back to uni or have to train up all over again. Whatever it means for you to wake up and be happy with going to work. People hear dream job and think you have to have a one way ticket to entrepreneurship. That is not the case at all! Your dream job is simply the one you can wake up to and not feel anxiety, dread and think of every excuse under the sun to call in sick just to avoid going to work. 

My dream job at one point was a general assistant in Sainsburys, because I NEEDED a job which allowed me to spend more time with my son, concentrate on PickMeUpInc and still pay the bills. A peasant job to some but my dream job to allow me to live the life I want. So the difference between me and some of my friends were that I didn’t mind going to work whilst they in much more luxurious jobs had a face like a wet weekend everyday. Of course I started to dislike certain things at work so I changed job. Again its important to exercise the fact that you have a CHOICE. Something we all forget now and again. 


Growth and change can be scary just like the transition a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly, but the struggle out of the cacooon isn’t in vain. The end result is so much more worth it and through the struggle the butterfly reaches its true potential. 

So today is Monday, what will you do? Will you be beaten up by one day? Or will you realise that this world is your oyster and you have the ability to do so many wonderful things? You have the ability to realise your true potential! Whatever it may be I wish you nothing but happiness in abundance and a dose of courage too! 

Love&Light Always! 

Y.E. X

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