Hey guys!

So I haven’t posted my normal book review today, I will be posting that before I go away on Wednesday! But for now I wanted to use this Sunday to share some good news! As the brand grows its only right the team does too! So it gives me great pleasure to share that our newest member is none other then Jez Kaur aka Hipster Veggie! For those that don’t know Hipster Veggie is all about what foods and products you put in and on your skin, how it affects your body, your mood and much much more.

I am super excited to have Hipster Veggie on the team as it will put an amazing spin on Pick Me Up Inc and even I can learn a thing or two. It will be awesome to see how food links to our emotional sides and what foods we should avoid but also what amazing foods we should stack up on. Hipster Veggie has the most infectious energy and she picks me up all the time so to have her apart of the team is an absolute honour!

I can’t wait for you to see what we have in store for you guys! To read more on Jez’s story click the family link on the front page or if your using your mobile use the drop down bar:)

Hipster Veggie social media:

Alone I can make a change but together we can rock the world!

Love&Light Always


me and jezzzzz


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