Monday Motivation- Start the day with something you love!

Morning beautiful being!

Just a quick check in this Monday morning! I know Monday’s can feel like a drag and I really did HATE Monday’s before. But now I wake up that little bit earlier so I can do something I enjoy, it’s normally some sort of exercise or just allowing some extra time to read a book/watch something and have a nice chilled coffee in the morning rather than rush everything and feel like a mess. Please believe I used to be that girl running for the train everyday! Haha!

I also tend to allow some sort of treat in the evening, something I would normally wait for the weekend to do:) That’s another thing! Why do we all wait for the weekend to be happy??

I realised Monday’s don’t have to be that bad after all, I changed my routine therefor my mood changed!  You have the power to change your day too!  Go get em!

Love& Light always!


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