Monday Motivation- Love is the answer! 

Morning beautiful being! 

It’s Monday and in London the weather is looking grey but my moods not! After having celebrations, deaths and late nights this weekend it’s safe to say it’s been a rollercoaster. 

But reflecting back on this weekend made me think of love. No matter what you are going through it all goes back to love. Love to self and love to others. Good times wouldn’t exist if we didn’t love what we was doing, loss wouldn’t exist if we didn’t love something so much that we fear losing it, love is infinite, powerful energy that we are all capable of feeling and showing.

This weekend made me truly grateful to be alive, to be able to feel and to be able to celebrate life. I just wanted to remind you that you are love and you are infinite, this week don’t let others bring you down, don’t allow your life to be corrupted by the negativity, believe in yourself, believe in your abilities and last of all be grateful. You have to be grateful. Life has its ups and downs but it’s how we respond that sets the tone for our lives. You are love and you hold the power.

Have an incredible start to the week.

Love&Light Always

Y.E x


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