Make time to have a good time

Hey beautiful being,

This will be a quick post from me but it has really been made apparent that we can get so caught up being busy we forget to make time to have a good time.

This afternoon/evening I cooked for team member Hipster Veggie and we sat, ate, spoke and literally had the best catch up. It just made me realise I don’t do this often enough. I’m always busy and forget to make time to do the things I love. To enjoy an evening with my friend and family has made me super happy and I feel ever so grateful to have such inspirational and beautiful souls around me.

I wanted to share with you guys just to remind you it’s important to slow down and make time. Organise your day so you can allow time to catch up with a loved one or loved ones.


Love&Light Always.


Just a pretty picture of this evening, because! Ha-ha!

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