Self Love and Health

The most common questions I get asked is “how can I lose weight quickly” or “help me stick to a vegan lifestyle, it is way too hard!” I never know how to answer these queries; after all there is no right or wrong answer. But what I do encourage is SELF LOVE!!!

Self-love is the foundation to almost everything we do/feel. Self-love determines things like what attributes you desire in a partner or the way you regard your own well-being/happiness. It is one of the most important things we can have in this life. If you don’t love yourself, can you expect love from anyone else? No … you cannot.


Can you look in a mirror, look at yourself; your whole perfectly-flawed self, and say “I LOVE YOU!” with confidence. With meaning! With BELIEF!!


Most people laugh when I ask that questions. And I get it; in a world that is set up for self-loathing, loving yourself is often deemed strange. To love yourself is almost an act of rebellion.


But everyone needs love! It is so easy to love those around us. To hug them, kiss them, ask them how they are, cook them food, care for them. It should be just as easy to do these things for ourselves too!


Self-love & health:


Self-love is such an important characteristic for a healthy body! The more you love yourself, the more you will begin to innerstand how what you eat affects your body. And the more you love yourself the more mindful you will become of the food & drink you consume. Self-love is not easy but it is achievable! Take baby steps J


I am no self-love expert but, from my own experience, I can confidently say the moment you start to love yourself everything changes. Small doses of self-love is the reason I find it SO DAMN EASY to follow a healthy lifestyle: I value my body at a level where I make a conscious decisions everyday not to pollute myself with junk foods.


Self-love is deep and, at times, strangely emotional. But it is something I’d like to encourage you all to practice.


Practice makes perfect:


Here are my 4 tips for practicing self-love:


1. Be mindful – Question yourself and process situations properly. If you feel uneasy and don’t know why, ask yourself and find out. If you feel happy and don’t know why, ask yourself and find out! Innerstand who you are, what makes you happy, sad, excited, anxious etc. Act on that knowledge as opposed to other peoples expectations.
2. Forgive yourself – It is important to take responsibility for your actions, but don’t be so hard on yourself! Everyone makes mistakes. Learn from it, grow with the lesson and move on.

3. Live with intention – If your intention is to eat well and be healthy, you will make decisions and choices to create this reality for yourself


4. Practice self care – It is always great to pamper yourself once in a while; get a massage, get your haircut, get a manicure! But daily pampering is also vital! Small things like getting a good sleep each night, eating nutritious food and ensuring you are involved in healthy social interactions will all help boost self-worth and self-love.


Also try writing a list of all the things you are good at you might be surprised at how amazing you are!!


I hope this post was useful <3


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All the best boo boo’s


Sat Nam


Jez xoxox

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