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Hey guys,

So I’m posting on something that weighs heavy on my heart and head, our surroundings.

Seeing so many youth clubs and community halls in the South London area being closed or on the verge of closing has resulted in me feeling very concerned. Concerned for community spirit and for the young people who live there.

One of my passions since working in schools has to be the development and understanding of today’s young people. Whilst adults worry about putting food on the table and paying a mortgage these youngsters are literally fighting for their lives. Gang wars or being in the wrong place at the wrong time has resulted in many innocent lives being taken.

I feel closing down these community halls and youth clubs sends the message that the inhabitants of them are of no importance.

These halls are booked by the community for things such as wedding receptions, wakes and parties. A place where the community can afford to hold such functions shouldn’t be taken away. The funding has been cut back massively in youth clubs to the point of where they are nowhere near as fun and vibrant as when I used to attend. This saddens me as I feel youth clubs could be such a turning point for these young adults/teenagers. Especially the relationship between the police and the younger generation which in my opinion is at an all time low, especially in areas such as South London.

Having a place where young people can go and be heard I feel could bridge the gap and change the horrible ‘life for a life’ attitude that seems to be followed in the streets.

I haven’t always had a positive relationship with the police and I have seen a lot of wrong doings on their behalf. But isn’t that the same for all of us? We hate that black males all get painted with the same ‘gang’ brush. So we can’t paint all police with the same ‘they’re all pigs’ brush.

I never see police on the beat in areas that need it most and I think this is a real issue.

Growing up losing people left right and centre is such a hard thing to deal with. The lack of after care and support for young people who have lost somebody is appalling. If you are an adult reading this, I want you to think back to when you’ve lost someone close to you. How did you feel? Angry? Lost? Scared? Snappy? Making rash decisions because your head wasn’t in the right place? Well just imagine what that’s like for a 14 year old or a 16 yr old? We didn’t get time off in school or extra support when a friend got murdered. Now would be the time to have mentors and support groups in community centres not be closing them down.

All lives matter and I don’t think we should wait to lose another one to take action. Please sign the petitions tagged in this post and lets work together as a community to support one another.

Whether the youth clubs are kept open or closed we can’t turn our backs on the youth of today.

Love&Light Always

Y.E x

London Borough of Lewisham: Save Honor Oak Community Centre from closure. Stop the development of the site for housing. – Sign the Petition!

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