If I was blind.

If I was blind what would I miss?

Would it be the sight of your big infectious smile?

Or the way your nose crinkles every time you laugh?

The way your tears trickle down your cheek?

Or would it be the look you give me when I’m in the wrong?

If I was blind what would I miss?

Would it be the view of the beautiful sun rise?

Or my personal favourite the way the sun sets?

Would I miss the sight of snow?

Or the rain on the window?

If I was blind what would I miss?

Would I miss the sight of my own reflection?

Would I feel any older despite not being able to see the ageing of my skin?

Would I miss seeing colours in the form of art?

And most of all would I miss seeing the world through clear vision despite what state this world is in and If I lost my sight would I change the way I viewed things and try to make them right?

If I was blind what would I miss?

By Yasmin Elizabeth

Hey Guys,

This week I wanted to do something different. I feel that all too often we miss what is right in front of us, allowing our phones and other screens to distract us. We sometimes only see things for how we want to see them rather than taking in the bigger picture.

The other day I was taking a video of my son and I realised I was watching him through the screen, no different to watching somebody on tv, not realising how detached I actually was to what I was viewing. Everybody that knows me knows I love taking pictures but it made me realise that some things are best enjoyed in the moment and recorded in memory.

We have eyes, yet we don’t see.

My short poem is just a few things I wonder if I would miss if I lost my sight. The funny thing about them is they are all free, yet most certainly taken for granted.

I hope this makes you question what you truly appreciate and what some of us may take for granted aka our ability to see and realise how truly lucky we are. Despite the bad times the world is truly a beautiful place and to live and see is a privilege denied to many.

Love&Light to all and I hope this gets you thinking.


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