‘AMOR’ A magazine worth reading!

Hey beautiful people!

Sooooo this one is for my ladies but fear not if you are a guy you could also read on and see how you can hook your woman up with a magazine definitely worth reading!

I had given up on standard high street magazines, the unrealistic diets, the pressure to look good all the time and also the lack of variety when it came to ethnicity. It was safe to say I would only end up half reading the magazine as I skimmed through pages of boring gossip. Since when was it a highlight to see who had put on weight and who was cheating on who? Someone else who had given up and felt that they couldn’t relate was Ruby Mae Moore, she also wanted to create a platform for young creatives to break into the media industry and felt that AMOR could do that for them. Aiming to offer young people work experience and seeing a gap in the market for a magazine for the young woman filled with positivity, variety and beauty then was born AMOR!


I got my hands on a copy of AMOR when I met Ruby in 2014 and I haven’t looked back since. Jam packed with beauty tips FOR ALL races something I definitely feel other branded magazines lack. The normal girly gossip on first dates and fashion. Restaurant, spa and holiday reviews. How to holiday on a budget and also splurge. Relationship tips, music industry latest and always an amazing cover story. AMOR offers everything!

  My favourite section has to be the lifestyle which is always packed with ways to improve yourself as a person whether it is time management, tips on becoming successful, boosting your career search, tips to saving money and much much more. I also remember an article all based on how to job search successfully, giving advice on your CV and tips on applying online. This is the first magazine I’ve read that fully pushes you to go for goal. Also having interviews with inspirational women like ‘Charlene White’ journalist and newsreader for ITN this is the kind of magazine young women should be reading to inspire them to strive for success and look pretty whilst doing it:)

I admire Ruby for birthing the idea of AMOR and her and her team have done it proud so far. I hope to see AMOR on the shelves in main high street stores as I feel this is the kind of material young women should be reading instead of the self hate, self conscious stuff they read from day to day.

Ruby and her team have found the balance between sexy and sophisticated and I love that about AMOR!

Subscribe now for just £14.99 for the year! Or £3 for one copy! I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Written by the young woman for the young woman, let’s support what the UK has to offer and help mould and shape our future queens.

Love&Light Always

Y.E x



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