Be your own cheerleader! 


Evening guys!


Today I am going to talk to ya’ll about the importance of being your own cheerleader!


If you read my blog posts/insta posts you will notice I speak quite a lot about self-love. It is a topic so close to my heart; I truly believe it can fix a lot of issues in our lives.



Our minds are so powerful. Sometimes one negative thought can tarnish great things from happening. But one positive thought … well one positive thought could create anything you want.


We are often scared to praise ourselves at a risk of seeming egotistical. But we are so quick to praise others. Now whilst there is nothing wrong with praising others, why are we putting their achievements ahead of ours? Why are we not congratulating ourselves first? We are humans with feelings too. We need love and appreciation just as much as those around us. And giving it to ourselves is probably the best thing we can do.


It is so imperative to innerstand that we do not need anything or anyone but ourselves to validate our worth. If you have just achieved something amazing, tell yourself how amazing you are! Validation from others is great but validation from yourself to yourself is priceless. Nothing can top being your own cheerleader!


Manifest your dreams, create your own realities, make the world a better place and be your own cheerleader.


Remember boo boo’s, if no one stops to admire the stars, they will still glow. If no one recognises you, you will still grow!


All the best,


Jez xoxox

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