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Hey hey!

I haven’t posted on here for a while, what with the festive period upon us and demands going through the roof! I hope you have enjoyed the time off whether you celebrate Christmas or not:)

I was just thinking about all the times I’ve had a great idea and then rushed the process and it not work out. So this is a post about learning to take time!

One thing I’ve learnt since doing PickMeUpInc is the art of patience and taking my time with things, I would always have these amazing ideas and put them into action and not have enough to back up what I had started.

A quick example is when I started my interviews on YouTube, real life stories with real life people. It started off great and feedback was amazing but I hadn’t done enough before I started putting the videos out which because of my workload with PickMeUp already lead to a backlog of work rather than being ahead of schedule. For now I’ve stopped until I have enough material and time to edit to put out there again.

I’ve learnt since then that when starting anything to ensure I have enough in the pipeline and I’ve organised it all properly. There is nothing worse than knowing something didn’t go right because u didn’t prepare.

Rushing is the manifestation of fear, what are you so afraid of? And if the answer is nothing then slow down.
Don’t rush the process, take your time, have faith and keep believing. Run your own race and don’t focus on anybody else’s lane but your own.

Enjoy the rest of your day. Love and light always.


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