Monday Motivation- No jump, no flight.

 Good rising kings and queens,

It’s Monday, some of you are jumping for joy and some of you, well actually probably most of you are longing to ring the boss and say ‘Today is cancelled, I will be in tomorrow’. But there’s money to be made and bills to be paid right?! Not to mention that holiday you need to book ASAP! 

But before you roll into a ball of negativity and resent for this Monday morning I wanted to share with you a video I sent out to my friends this week. It was a video that left me pumped and although already embarking on a business adventure just gave me that extra motivation I needed (believe me WE ALL FALL OFF SOMETIMES!). Steve Harvey, internationally known for being a comedian is also well known for his very inspiring advice and thoughts. Through books, such as ‘Think Like A Man, Act Like A Lady’ (also a major film), tv and radio shows Mr Harvey has made his mark and really does have a way with words and the ability to make you think. 

Just remember, today is a new week, a new day and a chance to change your life. You are stronger than you think and to make the jump from great to greater. I will say no more and let Mr Harvey work his magic and I am confident you will start today with a completely different attitude. 


Love&Light Always


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