Sunday Sessions- A product of procrastination

 “If you want to make an easy job seem mighty hard, just keep putting off doing it.”

~ Olin Miller

Hey Guys, its Yasmin here, well the above quote is true and it leads me on to something on my mind following a convo with a friend.

Why do we procrastinate??? Especially when we know its so bad and makes us feel rubbish?!

I have a confession, I am the BIGGEST procrastinator, like if there was a picture next to the word procrastination I’m pretty sure there would be a picture of me scrolling through pinterest pinning things for my dream home and cute elephants with amazing backdrops whilst fully ignoring the pile of work I know needs to be done. lol!

If I’m honest I even procrastinated on this blog post as the ‘convo’ with a friend I had took place last week yet I have only sat down now to write it.

When I openly speak about me procrastinating people are shocked, but I think its better to be open and honest and recognise these things as I know I’m not the only one. And through recognising, only then can we change and improve on ourselves:) I procrastinate on the small things but it still gets me down.

Have you ever had that feeling when you know you have things to do but you put them off then you feel worse for not doing it? Therefore making you feel even more crap, so you procrastinate some more…pinterest anyone? lol! Well yep that is me.

But I do believe to a certain extent we are all procrastinating with something. Deep down I think even the most organised humans who stick to deadlines and are punctual are procrastinating in one way or another, it may be something small or a dream that we keep putting off starting. Travelling? Reaching out to somebody? ANYTHING!  Just for a moment think about something you need to do or want to do and ask yourself WHY you are yet to start or get going, what is holding you back?

I’m slowly working through the small stuff and have given myself deadlines especially with things that are self made and I am fond of lists. Its amazing what a big tick next to a to-do list can do for the soul! ha-ha!

In my search for finding out WHY we procrastinate my friend sent me this really interesting Ted Talks on Procrastination with blogger, Tim Urban. Using humour and pure honesty he explores the mind of a procrastinator and it really resonated with me so thought it would be useful to share with you guys.

This is your Sunday reminder that you can handle whatever this week throws at you. Remember to stay centred and be gentle with yourself. I hope you enjoy the video and check back in tomorrow for Monday Motivation!

Love&Light Always


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