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As the founder and director of Pick Me Up Inc I receive a lot of inbox messages with people telling me their life stories and also asking for advice. I no way think of myself as a life guru but I try my best to understand and most of the time I listen. It sounds silly but sometimes thats all somebody needs. Somebody to just listen without forcing opinions.

After a while I started to notice that a lot of peoples problems were so similar so I really wanted a way to reach out to everybody and show that they are not alone. Of course I am aware that everybody deals with things differently but surely not feeling alone is better than believing your the only one going through something? Which we can all admit we’ve done at one stage or another.

It was talking to a friend on the phone that I came up with the idea to share peoples stories, well those that were willing to share on camera so I could share with you at home.

Here is a little promo advert we did. Hope you enjoy and I look forward to hearing many more stories.

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