Monday Motivation- Manifest your day

Good rising guys!

So it’s Monday and the sun is shining in London. Can’t be a bad start can it? But for some of you, you would have already thought the worse.

I want you to know you manifest your day, how you start your day can be everything but its never too late to start if yours hasn’t started how you wanted.

3  S T E P S  T O  A  B E T T E R  M O N D A Y

-Rise earlier-

-Take a minute to yourself, visualise how you want your day to go-

-Workout in the AM, get your endorphins going-

A N D  B E  G O O D  T O  Y O U R S E L F

Whether you like it or not energy is real, your thoughts do count for something and you do attract things to you. You are deserving of a good life, you deserve happy days and you deserve to do well. But you’ve got to want it, you have to be kind to yourself and you have to take responsibility for your actions and thoughts.

You have to believe you already have it, see yourself live it, visualise it.

You are a magnet.

Enjoy this video I found of some of the most well known actors and successful people of our time speaking about the law of attraction and the power of manifestation.

Enjoy and share!



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