Monday Motivation- Be the GIRLBOSS!

Hey hey!

All I have in my head from yesterday’s GIRLBOSS event is YASSSSSS HONEY YASSSSS!

If you were there then you know exactly what I am talking about! OMG! What an amazing event! Put on by the fabulous Kiziah&Co and Shieleen David! SO this Monday Motivation is literally a quick one to say YOU CAN DO WHATEVER IT IS YOU WANT TO DO!

Yesterday was hosted by one of my favourite presenters Maya Jama, I shared the stage with some of the most amazing and inspiring women in our generation and if you had of told me 2 years ago when I started Pick Me Up Inc that the same people I follow and get inspiration from on instagram and in life that I would be up there sharing the same stage I would of laughed also the fact that I get stage fright would have been another reason to laugh at such a crazy idea. But yesterday there I was up there speaking and networking away! ha-ha!

Besides doing small workshops on self love and speaking I got a chance to share the stage with my amazing friend LuLu and tell everyone about a new project called ‘The Hush Puppy Project’ we are raising funds to build a library in Zambia. (More Info to come in a post based on that) but we raised some money yesterday so THANK YOU!


Myself and the beautiful Maya Jama

We had the likes of Ruby Moore (dear friend of mine) and CEO of amor magazine, Siobhan Bell, DJ and founder of cherryade, Mama’s Boutiques ladies, Just Geen, Personal trainer and food blogger, Shea Moss and last but not least Chams and Lina from FACE4MUSIC. Not to mention the incredible performances from Shear, Nipah and Rebecca Garton. Then all the amazing beautiful ladies that came out for the event! It was literally a party!


Me and Ruby Moore (CEO of Amor) Work those frames, yassss honey!

I won’t keep you for much longer but this is a reminder that you are a girl boss, your biggest downfall is probably what you tell yourself you can’t do yet you are probably there being one of your friends biggest supporters! Cheer yourself on, get around like minded individuals. So many amazing women came and spoke with me yesterday and the main thing I got was that they were scared to go for their goal. But all I say is what is there more to fear? Trying and it taking a very long time? (because you will get there one day) or never trying and going to that job you hate everyday? or staying in that relationship or friendship that you know is no good for you? Only you can change your life and it starts with the words and thoughts you have and tell yourself.

I did put together a short video but it wouldn’t upload so for now `i will leave you with something super cute and inspiring from youtube. Enjoy. x

Love&Light Always


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