Monday Motivation- Why are you here?

Good rising guys,

I won’t make this a long one, I was away this weekend mentoring with an amazing charity called XLP. The one thing it highlighted to me was:

Our hands are here to serve, our hearts to love and our mouths for words of encouragement. 

Don’t be so fixated on what you can take but take time to think about what you can give back.

I am no expert on life and I don’t have all the answers but the one thing I am sure of is we are all here to fulfil a purpose, and before your mind starts wondering to the lack of success you’ve had, purpose and success are two very different things.

This weekend taught me to live more simply and to use what God already gave me, my body, my mind and my words. With just these three things (which I feel blessed to have) I feel I am already fulfilling my purpose here on earth.

This Monday don’t be so hard on yourself trying to have it all together, just go out there and do the best you can with what you have!

Aspire to be more and to help others.

Happy Monday

Love&Light always


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