Monday Motivation- The other side of fear

Goood rising!
Im going to jump straight in and talk about fear.

What is fear? Is it a bad thing? or could you use fear to excel in areas of your life you didn’t think possible?
The ultimate thing I have learnt is that for as long as we are pushing out of our comfort zones, we will ALWAYS experience fear.
I’m experiencing fear right now as I prep for this workshop I will be presenting later, but I now know fear is my trigger to know that I am pushing myself.

You too can push past your fears, the boundaries you create for yourself, the negative self chatter which has become your best friend.
The life you want is on the other side of your comfort zone and please believe fear will be your best friend. For as long as you grow, fear will be present. Never resent it. As you push past your fears your confidence will grow, your whole life experience will change, expand and you will ultimately become more powerful.

Pull the power from inside of you, you don’t need to belittle anyone else to get there, you already have a purpose, a gift. So take the risks that will help build on your self worth and take responsibility of your life. It’s hard to imagine that WE are the ones making our lives miserable and its easier to pass the blame on lousy friends, crap jobs, hard going bosses and destructive relationships, but really we are to blame. Whether you like it or not, you reading this right now have a choice and how you choose to deal with things and also what and who you choose to have in your life.

I hope today you do at least ONE thing out of your comfort zone and fight the fear. I’ve also listed ‘Susan Jeffers- Feel the fear and do it anyway’ on our book club page so I would definitely recommend reading that if you feel a little stuck right now!

Enjoy this little video I found on YouTube and I hope you have an incredible start to your week!
Love&Light Always


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