Change your mindset. Change your Monday 

Good rising!!
Firstly congratulations! Congratulations on joining us in the start to changing your life. You know to see big outcomes you must start off with small changes. Breaking free from the conditioning of something as simple as ‘hating mondays’ is a good place to start.

Your attitude moulds your life, whether you like it or not. You respond to EVERYTHING based on where YOU are at. Emotionally and mentally.

The moment you wake up and groan you are already denying life, you are already sending out ‘I don’t want to be here’.

You my friend, CAN and with our help change that.

Monday’s don’t have to be crap, Monday’s are just like any other day. What you make it.

Be the person and hold the kind of energy you would like to be around.
6 months ago during my breakdown I HATED my job and it affected everything. Now being a single mum who needs specific hours to work around my childcare I couldn’t just up and leave. I cried before work, I was grumpy at work, my energy was low. I was not the sunshine. I felt a little sorry for myself BUT not more than I felt sorry for my colleagues who had to be around me. So I actively looked for other work. You see that’s the problem most days, we complain about where we are at yet rarely actively set out to change it. 2 months later I was back doing what I loved, perfect hours, better money and all within a 25 minute drive from home! Winning!! I left my old job with an open door and a great reference and set upon my new journey.

I now work for myself on Mondays so Monday’s are always filled with work and little treats.

I always do something cute for myself on a Monday, whether it’s flowers or my favourite chocolate, a candle lit bath or a catch up with a friend. Why do we save all the good stuff for the weekend anyway?

Today I want you to do something nice for somebody else and then some thing nice for yourself and if it is your job that’s the problem or a toxic relationship getting you down I want you to start actively looking at how you can change that.

You deserve to live and be happy and you deserve to do what you love. You’ve just got to want it bad enough and understand it’s not going to be given on a plate. You have the strength even when you don’t feel like it, you are magic and you are different and have a purpose in this life. Never forget that!
Hope you have an amazing day! And enjoy this little video I found on you tube!!
Love&light always.


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