Will you show up today?

Good rising!

So we are back with another Monday Motivation and I urge you to watch this video I found on YouTube. Whether you know what you are doing with your life (let’s be honest none of us do) whether you are feeling a little lost or just need something to remind you why you started in the first place.

It’s a speech that Steve Jobs gave at Stanford graduation. It is honest, true and most of all thought provoking. I receive e-mails and messages every day asking me how I keep going, how I run Pick Me Up, how I remain consistent. And despite just me wanting to help and make a difference it comes down to the information that I feed myself and my mind. The videos I watch, the books I read, they motivate me to keep going, they motivate me to follow my heart. So I am sharing with you.

I hope you enjoy:) as always send on to those you think may need to hear the message in the video and as always have an amazing day…make sure you show up. Life is waiting for you.

Love&Light Always.



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