Don’t skip the hustle!

Good rising!!

SO if you are new to PICK ME UP then hey, welcome, take a seat! ha-ha! No but if you are then this is our Monday Motivation segment where we post a little video or anything that we feel will give you a little boost on a Monday Morning.

Yesterday our founder attended the GIRL BOSS UK event and one thing she kept hearing was not one of these amazing inspiring ladies skipped the hustle, we heard from the likes of industry experts Sian AndersonJulie Adenuga, and presenter Maya Jama who also hosted the event, just to name a few.

Our founder, Yasmin Elizabeth at GIRLBOSSUK

Our founder, Yasmin Elizabeth at GIRLBOSSUK

Every single person who spoke spoke about their journey, the knock backs, the doubt but all embraced that their journey is what made them who they are and to be honest it didn’t sound like any of them were stopping yet. From some of the ladies working retail jobs whilst applying for every intern they could find, flipping burgers in McDonalds or dropping out of uni, every single one of these ladies had to endure some sort of hustle before stepping in to their ‘dream role’.

Maya Jama speaking with Rosie Davies, Julie Adenuga and Sian Anderson

Maya Jama speaking with Rosie Davies, Julie Adenuga and Sian Anderson

So today we just wanted to say whatever job or situation you are in you have the power to get to where you want to be. You just can’t skip the hustle and in actual fact accepting where you are and living within your means will cut away half of your frustrations.

We hope you smash Monday and we hope you enjoy this short video we found on youtube about Simon Cowell speaking about losing it all in his 30’s and we think it is perfect for the topic of today’s monday motivation. DON’T SKIP THE HUSTLE!!

Love, light and all the courage

PickMeUpInc x

“I never really felt like a boss to them, we were all hustling in those days”

Simon Cowell

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