Sunday sessions

Somewhere out there someone is chilling, maybe alone or maybe amongst family or friends appearing to seem interested in the convo’s taking place. It won’t be the company that annoys them or even the loneliness that tugs at it will be the feeling of wanting more. The feeling of not doing enough with the life they currently have, the unsettling feeling of resentment as they watch others progress whilst they sit and silently doubt themselves. They sigh, knowing that feeling of peace has been felt but frustration sets in as they have no clue how they can obtain it again.

This might feel like you, I know its felt like me on a few occasions and it certainly doesn’t help if you are going to a job you absolutely hate tomorrow so heres a few little tips I think could help on this Sunday evening.

1. Before you go to bed set out 7 intentions for the week, 1 a day. Maybe something you’ve been putting off, revamping your cv, sending that cover letter to a potential new job or simply doing some exercise. Anything that is a goal and you have to hit it, write it down and tick them off as you go.

2. I find it helps to pick a word/theme of the week to keep you focused, especially if you pick a word that speaks to you right now in this moment (this week my word is forgiveness-for others and self) I will use this as a theme and explore it deeper.

3. Select some music for the week or a few motivational videos from youtube (tomorrow we will have one for monday motivation) that you can use to get your energy up and out of bed. I’ve recently really got in to podcasts and as a creative love listening to Magic Lessons by Elizabeth Gilbert

4. I have a holy hour in the morning where I meditate, exercise and journal so for me its vital to have these things out and ready, if not I become so demotivated at the thought of having to search in the morning and then find it all too easy to put my head back on the pillow and sleep a few extras hours. lol. So organisation is key!

5. Pick something you like wearing, nothing better then slipping into something you feel good in! And really understand how important it is to set yourself up, I really don’t believe a good week just happens, you must be prepared for it. Set that alarm- for me I have a child so my holy hour comes before sunrise at around 5:30 and you know I’ve found it is around this time I have the most amazing ideas! lol! 

A little Pick Me Up


The last thing I would say is you really have the power to get this week to a good start and you don’t have to dread Monday morning. Try not to compare yourself to others, use them as motivation rather than feeling negative towards them, it really won’t get you anywhere and is wasted energy which you could be putting in to something more worthwhile.

But yes tomorrow is OUR monday! Im a mum so for me its half term chaos! ha-ha! But I will be hitting up Richmond Park with my baby bear! Cheap, cheerful and gets us outdoors plus the deers make it extra interesting for the little ones.

I hope you get off to a good week, reconnect with yourself and take your time. Sending you love, light and strength to you if you need it and if you feel you don’t, you can have it anyway! lol!


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  1. Mally
    24th January 2017 at 6:31 pm (3 years ago)


    I love your posts & my heart really felt this one. Reading it got me emotional at the fact that it’s so relatable. The feeling of appearing to seem interested in the convo’s taking place, but really the feeling of wanting more and feeling like you’re not doing enough.
    From one female to another it’s comforting to know that I’m not alone with thoughts like this.



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