You get to choose! 

Good rising!!

Sooo last night my cousin asked me how I am positive in the morning and what gets me up. I sent back a lengthy voice note but once I listened back it was apparent to me that it’s simply gratitude.

We give over so much of our power, letting external things create mini thunderstorms inside of us. But the moment I recognised I get to choose how I respond to things was the moment life became better.

I am grateful because I have a choice, a choice I didn’t have when I was younger. I wake up and feel grateful just to choose how I get to feel. I think of young kids living in the middle of a war zone who have no choice. I think of women and men trying to flee their countries because it’s unsafe where they are. So when I rise on a Monday morning I don’t sit and complain, I count my blessings and I remember my power. I remember I get to choose. I hope on this Monday morning you remember that also.

Enjoy and remember you are stronger than you think.

Love&Light Always.


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