The magic 4 step formula to achieving your goals for 2017!

Good Rising!

So it’s the first Monday of 2017 and we are back! We hope you are well, feeling good and ready to go. If you’re aren’t then not to worry, i’ll be honest I had a burst of energy towards the end of last year and the festive break made me slow down and I kind of thought…how am I going to pick this back up and go again?

Then our very own Gabby Power (buddhawithabackpack) sent me this gem of a video (will attach at the end) and it had me thinking about why we fall off resolutions and ultimately end up unhappy.

I personally don’t set resolutions for the new year, I set short term goals. I find them more achievable and I execute them better. I get so much more done rather than writing a long list of big big goals which I normally don’t end up completing as I get too overwhelmed .I then thought about how I actually smash them and this video pretty much touched on it.

Instead of just setting goals I sit and think about my life state. What I want to change and how I want to raise my standards. I then get to work on how I can raise my standards, these then turn in to my goals.

How you can smash your goals in 4 steps:

RAISE YOUR STANDARD: Start to think about- What is your life state? What life do you deserve? What do you want?

VISUALISE: Set your short term goal, write this down and the steps that you need to take to get there.

DISCIPLINE: Think about how long it will take, set a date and everyday move closer to your goal, set aside the time to do what you need to do to get there. This will become your daily ritual.Consistency = Results.

EXECUTE: So your daily ritual is in place, you will find you will execute your goals easier. The small make up the big. Just don’t forget to finish.

It sounds simple and it is, the only thing that complicates things is our mindset. We create bigger obstacles in our minds than reality will ever actually give us. Once you have the pull to do something and it becomes your daily ritual and becomes apart of who you are, you will find you will do whatever it takes to get there.

For me personally the most difficult part of the 4 steps is the EXECUTING, so many times I have been stuck on a goal even when it was finished I still told myself it wasn’t ready. That was just fear coming out to play. Don’t wait until something is ‘perfect’. Use what you have and do what you can and grow with it and keep raising your standards.

I hope this helps you start to think about how you can set your goals to smash 2017, Like Tony Robbins says in this video. Most people fall off their resolutions by January 15th. I honestly believe with his simple 4 step formula you won’t fall off. The small make up the big. Step by step. Raise your standards, believe you deserve better. Visualise and Execute. I know you’ve got this! These results will ultimately make you happy…why? Because you are taking control of your life.

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Love&light always.


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