5 things to tell yourself everyday

Good rising!

So it’s Monday, how has your self talk been today? Already stressing about getting to work? Already shouted because you’ve stumped your toe? Already snapped at the kids as the Monday blues sink in? Well can I have your attention for 5 mins?..

Every morning is a chance to go again, this is your life. Regardless of what state it is in, it is yours and I promise you, you have the power to change your circumstances for the better. It may take longer than one day but I promise you, where you are now isn’t where you are going to be.

5 things to tell yourself everyday:

1.Today is my day

2.I am a winner

3.I am deserving

4.I make a difference

5.I love and I am loved.


Don’t be afraid of life and don’t be afraid to try, this is just a gentle reminder that greatness lies within you. Don’t forget to ask for help, ask for support, get that pen and paper out and set some goals. Most importantly, believe in yourself. I believe in you, yes you reading this right now. If you have conditioned yourself to think the worse, you can condition yourself to think the best.

One step at a time. As always I leave you with a powerful video, this is one made up of some amazing gems from the incredible Maya Angelou. I encourage you to watch it and I hope it touches you how it touched me. I love Evan Carmichael’s videos and the way he constructs them but this is one of my faves.

Be a blessing to somebody today even if that somebody is yourself.

Love&light always

Y.E. x

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