The struggles and success

Hey beautiful people!

Happy Monday!! haha! You already know the vibe around here on a Monday is a good one, I am absolutely shattered but feeling ready for the new week!

Soooo this weeks Monday Motivation is a bit different,

I had a very open and honest chat with Tia Ward for her relationship series on youtube ‘Friends in the Benz’ and oh my gosh it went live last night and the feedback has been crazy!!! People have found it inspiring and eye opening which to me is absolutely incredible. I share my honest story about dating and living as a single young mum. There are tears, laughter and so much honesty through out. Because of the feedback I thought what better video to use on a grey Monday morning (london weather) to set pace for the week.

I hope you enjoy as much as everyone else has and if you feel someone could benefit from it, please pass it on.

I am just a young woman, growing, learning and sharing. I feel incredibly blessed that I get to share on this platform and others so thank you for your continued support. As you walk out in the world today do nothing other than be yourself, your raw, loving, flawed, perfectly imperfect self. I promise you the world needs more of that, rather than us all walking around with a filter. Show compassion, smile at a stranger, if you aren’t feeling too great don’t feel ashamed to reach out to someone.

Sending you nothing but love, light and all the good energy. Mondayyyy lets get it!

Love Y.E. x

2 Replies to “The struggles and success”

  1. This video has been the high light to a tough day. I’ma mum, air hostess, girlfriend, sister, best friend all of these amazing things….but I’m tired. And restless. And struggling. I feel so ungrateful that I’m not as happy as I feel I should be or the world thinks I should be (how stupid is that) lol Pouring from an empty cup as you put it… just how I feel. Through the laughs and giggles you both gave some refreshing moments of advice and put a smile on my face! Very much appreciated.
    A real sincere…..Thank you x

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