5 tips to realign yourself when your week is going shit

Hey beautiful human,

Yes you, beautiful, with your flaws and all. I firstly wanted to congratulate you, another week, we made it! Even if last week was a complete disaster we’ve been given the chance to go again!

Last week for me personally was a mess. lol! But i remained focused and didn’t let it completely take over, so this week’s Monday motivation is all about my top 5 tips on how i remained aligned when having such a shit week. 🙂


1. SWITCH OFF: At some point when high anxiety kicks in for me or I feel a little wobbly it always helps to turn off my phone for at least half hour. I think we forget how sucked in to our phones we can be and the constant contact with the world at the click of the button can be so overwhelming.

2.MEDITATION/BREATHE: When feeling tension we normally forget to breathe, and yes we breathe to survive but I mean breathe properly which most of us don’t do. So I encourage you to breathe…breathe in for 4 seconds, hold for 7 and breathe out for 8. This has also been  said to help if you suffer with insomnia. Click here for more info–> Breathing tricks

3.VENT: As much as nobody likes a negative nancy we can’t deny ourselves normal human emotions and I’m not saying everyday ring your friends moaning but I know it helps to have a little vent now and again and sometimes a friend can offer light on a situation, but more often than not its just nice to have someone to listen.

4.TREAT YOURSELF: Being a single mumma who works, time can always feel like its running away, I’ve found when I feel unbalanced making some time for myself and having a special bath with candles etc can really help. Having my favourite chocolate or take away also helps as well, i think we forget to treat ourselves now and again. Even buying a new top or something, don’t feel guilty!

5.ACCEPTANCE: Acceptance is key, sounds crazy right! But I’ve found sometimes my stress levels rise when I forget to change what I can and accept what I can’t. So last week my car broke down, I accepted it straight away, I didn’t cry, get stressed out, although it was a big inconvenience. I literally parked up and got the train. (will have to sort it when I’m back off this business trip.lol) But yes in that situation where some would lose their heads, I just accepted it and got on with it.

After having a crap week I attended an amazing workshop on Saturday called ‘Ritual Remedy’ hosted by Tamara aka Wolf sister and Pip. (Check them both out-amazing humans). And even just having that space allowed me to get centred and rebalanced. I think its important whether you are single, dating, married, parenting, whatever…its very important to have something for yourself. Something that makes you happy.

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The beautiful space we got to work in.

And lastly Mondays don’t have to be bad, we are incredibly lucky to be alive and thats the truth of it.

Love&Light Always


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