How to do less but get more out of your day

Hey guys!

So it’s the beginning of the week and if you’re anything like me you set your intentions for the day and week ahead, list is full of wonderful things and you feel motivated and ready to go….BUT forward to Wednesday and you’ve not even done 25% of your list and the procrastination kicks in accompanied with that negative self talk and the feeling of disappointment…well that was me until I changed up the way I attacked my work load by doing just ONE thing!

Instead of that long ass list that looks great I created a to-do list with 3 things for the day and I give 100% to those 3 things. (You can do more of course but the idea is to keep it REALISTIC)  I don’t add additional things once I’m done as normally e-mails and other work bits pop up. I have found this simple strategy so affective and it allows me to get work done and stay on top of work coming in.

It’s all about productivity VS busyness. I was over feeling crap about not getting everything done and actually if you add up those 3 things for the week you’re completing 15 tasks per week not including weekends.


I hope this helps in some way as it has me, send to someone who may need it and feel free to drop me an e-mail and see how you got on.

Love&Lights always


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  1. Lisa
    15th September 2017 at 6:35 am (3 years ago)

    Hey beautiful, I love love your blogs and god has blessed you beyond imagination your such an inspiration .. I have now tapped into the world or blogging and dropped my second blog last night I love some feedback of someone who isn’t my friend as it’s more honest and pure anyway hope to hear from you soon


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