Monday Misery? Combat Monday blues!


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Good rising and happy Monday!

It’s Gabs aka @buddhawithapackpack here and some of you may have read my posts on a Wednesday over on the Pick Me Up Inc Instagram and here’s my first Monday Motivation!

Monday is my favourite day of the week. Why? Because, you know how excited people get when the new year is approaching? Like setting new goals, having the courage to leave negative people and situations in the previous year and reflecting on all the good stuff they did? I have a Sunday ritual containing all those things and I do it every week! And it makes my Mondays a total treat. Monday is a new day, a new week, it provides clarity as you look forward to the week ahead and better yet, it’s a beautiful fresh start (every 7 days! I mean, why wait all year to feel so optimistic?).

As you head to work/college today, I can guarantee that within your first hour of arriving, you’ll hear (or participate in) a conversation along these lines.

“How was your weekend?” … “Yeah good, just goes so quick doesn’t it. *sigh* ”

This is so not ok hun.

The bad news is, I read somewhere that our brains love latching onto a good moan. If somebody moans and says something similar to the above, in absolute autopilot you’re very likely to respond with “oh I know. I can’t believe it’s Monday already” continuing to promote Monday misery.

The good news is, It is very possible to transform your perspective on Mondays! Here are my three top tips in doing so…

1 If you really don’t like Mondays, it might be that you don’t enjoy your job. Make your plan A to find something that makes you want to spring out of bed in the morning. For now – enjoy the fact you’re earning a wage as well as experience as you prepare to leap onwards to the next thing.

2 If you’ve got a job, you’ve already got something to be grateful for – and focusing on this emotion allows you to create an appreciative and optimistic vibe, brightening up the day for you and those around you.

3 Lastly, if you arrive and hear somebody start with Monday misery – be the person to spin it around and say “actually, Monday’s a great day because we’re rested from the weekend and we’ve got a brand new week to really get it!”

I came across this short video about Positive Psychology, share it with your work pals and have a BRILLIANT Monday huns! 💪🏼

Love Gabs x

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  1. Zoe Worthington
    8th January 2018 at 8:43 am (3 years ago)

    Guilty of getting caught up in that Monday convo!! No more! Just what I needed to read on this sunny Monday morning 🙂


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