We may know a lot but we do not know it all- STAY OPEN


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Hey guys!

So this week I’m going to use a word from our themed calendar! If you have our calendar under the quote you will see some keywords for the month (used above) and we are going to be focusing on a word a week, this week it is OPEN. I’m excited for this because i’m hoping by using these words it will help shift and change the way we operate and think from day to day. So many times when going for goals we just focus on all the action it takes to get there but forgetting to look at our behaviour patterns and our emotional wellbeing whilst doing so.

And I ask you:

How open are you to life’s lessons?

How open are you to learning new things?

How open are you to accepting that some things in your life need to change?

I ask these questions because sometimes its’s our own closed off thinking and reluctancy to be open to life and it’s changes that can stunt our growth the most. The ability to stay open can help us in the most uncomfortable situations, but most of us are used to closing off and avoiding them.


This week I really want you to think of the word OPEN or the phrase STAY OPEN… I want you to write it on a post it note on your desk, set a reminder on your phone, where ever you will see it through out your day.

I want you to try and remind yourself through out the day to stay open, be flexible, show up for the lessons that life will throw at you, even if its a conflict, don’t close up. Don’t recluse, stay open and show up. I want you to open up and listen to those who may get overlooked, whether that be in society or even just the work place. Slow down enough to hear another’s story. Don’t forget you can learn from every single person you come across. I want to encourage you to stay open and experience the blessings that life can bring you, YES even on a Monday! HA-HA! Be open to yourself, your spouse and your loved ones…may I also add that whilst we may know a lot, we will never know it all, and thats ok but we must keep showing up, show up for yourself this week. You deserve it.

I’l leave you with a quick little video that I found of Maya Angelou…3 minutes and it reminded me to remain open, do whats right and show up…I hope you enjoy



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