The drive to self love


You can’t pour from an empty cup… So this month is about sharing ways to keep you topped up!

Last week, Yas’s Monday Motivation about Self Love was great because she listed some really handy steps to embed self love into our daily routines to keep the love coming in.

This week, I Gabs want to touch on four main anchors that keep me happy, fulfilled and afloat! 🙂

The quote “your body is a temple” couldn’t be truer. Our spirits hopped in as if it were a beautiful and zooped up car, and as a modern day car, we need FOUR strong and well oiled wheels in order to drive smoothly! 😂 Our body is what drives us through every single day, allowing us to take part in activities, seeing/ experiencing incredible things, hearing our surroundings or music, smelling and tasting home cooked delights, feeling an array of emotions as well as feeling physical touch with others through touch and intimacy.

My four wheels consist of the following:

1 Socialising – I’m like a coin; in the sense that I am extremely sociable and love meeting people everywhere I go, but can also really need my space and downtime from the world to re-charge at times. Socialising is brilliant for the mind and maintaining good mental wellbeing. Attending events, saying yes and committing to that coffee with your friend, answering the FaceTime from your relative and staying up a little later to get out to dinner or the cinema once in a while. Just pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone really, because you’ll always leave having learnt something new or feeling good/lighter! If you’re in the right company, you’ll get home feeling buzzy and content with your meet up, probably even a bit knackered if you talk as much as me! 🙈🙉 Having at least one meet up a week, whether it’s a long phone call or lunch at the office with a colleague you don’t spend much time with will really make you feel great! In my office, we started a little lunch club bringing everyone away from their screens for half hour to eat at the communal table, and we all felt so much more motivated to complete the day!

2 Spirituality & me time –  As much as I love meeting people, I really do try to ensure I have some me time every week, if it’s a couple of hours before bed one night or a whole Sunday… It’s essential. My Sunday’s usually consist of: a lie in, gym, eating nice food, tidying the flat, meal prepping for the week ahead, a long bath with candles, meditation and journalling my reflections of the week just gone/goal setting for the week ahead, followed by a relatively early night. Saying that aloud looks like quite a busy day, but it’s so paced, chilled and necessary for my body to feel appreciated and brain to feel clear before starting the new week. It’s also good to have a little daily ritual, I wake up and read some positive affirmations I set myself which puts me in good stead for my day or think about a few things I’m grateful for.

3 Personal development – Setting big and small goals allows you to live within your purpose. You feel alive when working towards and achieving goals, ammmiriightt? It feels good to reflect on what you’ve done to pick out the great things (then give yourself a pat on the back), then think about a positive intention for the day ahead and your direction for the week/month/year. I got my mum a diary for Christmas that factored all of these little things in, she filled it out for the first time last week and called me up straight away saying how good it felt to see how much she’d achieved last year and seeing it all on paper made her feel really positive and proud! If you set goals/intentions, work towards them, you’ll have something to look back on and feel happy about.

4 Physical and intimate stimulation – I’m a very affectionate person, so whether I’m with my cousin, mum, boyfriend or girl friends, I’m like a little cuddly bear and just always want to find a way to be close lol. Luckily my peoples understand this and reciprocate it (though I’ve been in a relationship where it wasn’t at all which was very difficult for me!). It definitely makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy and protected. I share love with my girls often, praising them for doing great at life, likewise with my boyfriend. I share love with most people I meet. Showing gratitude to the bus driver, to the people on reception at work, to my family for being there for me… Everybody who makes my day a little easier basically. And giving love means you get love back. It feels great. Physically, I think it’s incredibly important to look after your body and give it the love it deserves… To me that means going to the gym regularly or walking home from the station instead of catching the bus if I’ve sat down at work all day, and making the most of the bones and muscles I have! Also being mindful about what I put in… It’s a journey for sure but our body’s do everything for us that they deserve to be looked after and given the best treatment! Exercise releases endorphins, and seeing positive results and feeling like you look good, feeling confident, makes you feel even better.

This week, try to take my four wheels into consideration and think about what yours are – are they similar, do you have other things that keep your fire going?

Let us know your methods below, and if you try any of ours let us know how you get on.

Love and Light 💜

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