Are you sabotaging yourself?

Hey guys!!

Yasmin here! Happy Monday! or not a happy Monday? depending on your mood right now….but I am hoping we can lift that and get you to go again after this post.

I’ve been going through the most the last few weeks and I really wanted to just cancel life and lay in bed but unfortunately the way my life is set up…lol! But it got me thinking about how many times I have done that… just quit everything, missed opportunities ..all because I was in a funk over some crap I actually can’t remember right now. Which lead me to this…


And it’s true, we all go through bad times, we all have to step back and take a break but really and truly we have to keep going, try to keep the commitments we have already made and then schedule in that big nice break where we can cancel life and lay in bed – see what I did there??.. You can still have that time to ponder and reflect or even just to cry and really let it out but it’s not every time somethings goes wrong we should do this… or should I say I have learnt that it isn’t constructive for me to do this.. as I then feel guilty about all the stuff I didn’t do which results in me adding another thing to my list about feeling crap! haha and breathe!

If we just take it back to two weeks when I wrote the post ‘Why self care may not be working for you’ and I added in some daily self care ideas.. I have recently been doing those things whilst going through a bad time and I have to say it has helped so so much. Normally I would have just quit, re-scheduled everything and felt rubbish but this time I have used my daily self care..kept going and you know out of this one of the greatest opportunities has come my way which wouldn’t have had I have been in my bed… don’t get me wrong I will probably still have some time this week or next to just switch off and truly reflect but I just wanted to remind you all its not everyday we must tap out and let our happenings destroy our happiness. Write a list of the necessary things that need to be done, take care of yourself and stay on job. You can’t pour from an empty cup so that daily self care is vital to you being able to keep going. Maybe head back and check out the previous posts which have all been about self care and apply them this week.

You got this.

I believe in you. Check out this video I listened to this morning before I did anything me pumped so thought I would share!

Now go have yourself an incredible week…or better yet go have yourself a week..lets not label it anything.. just have the week to mould and create as you wish.

Love&light as always.


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