Your life won’t change until YOU change

Hey hey hey, it’s Gabs aka Buddhawithabackpack here giving you that Monday juice this week! 💜

In our PMU calendar, March is the month of growth and expansion. It’s about taking action on your goals and pushing outside of your comfort zone to really put your life on the best path to your desired destinations (plural because there should never be one destination, we can always continue to grow and expand or completely divert our goals!).When I set myself goals, I then work backwards from them to create a little plan of how I can start making immediate tracks and getting closer to each one. By that, I mean coming up with things I need to consider and remember to do daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly. (iPhone/Mac reminders are great for this!) This is what makes the goals the actual next chapters of your life, rather than them remaining a distant dream.

Have you ever played GTA or Mario Karts? (Stay with me here,  you know I love a made up analogy.) You get sent on missions & races, and you want to achieve those things so you can level up as quickly as possible… It’s the same with real life! We have goals and missions to accomplish, in order to develop & improve our lives but for some reason, we have days or weeks or months or even years where we just take our foot off the pedal and go the longest, most scenic route/way round, then get frustrated by not having completed it yet… So deep, I know. Don’t take your foot off the pedal, even when things come up against you.

All of this goal chat brings me to a lyric that spoke to me last week from J. Cole – Change:

“You can dream but don’t neglect execution”

So, all of the above equates to this: That thing that you want to achieve, the way you want to feel, how you want to look, what you want to level up to – you can do it. You can do it all. You can start now. Fortunately we live in a day and age where almost anything is possible if we put our minds to it. But none of it is going to happen, unless you set your goals and then wake up to shoot your shot every single day. It might be scary, it might be uncomfortable. It could be exciting and energising. You can literally do this.

I suffer with quite bad gastritis and IBS, which I think also leads to me having awful spots. I train a lot, drink loads of water, have a super healthy diet, but frickin LOVE chocolate. Every week I’d have a few new friends on my face pop up (uninvited can I add🙄), and it really effects my self esteem. Sugar is addictive and I would eat chocolate every day if calories didn’t exist. But my point is I’ve had to cut sugar out the past few weeks to see if for once and for all it would make a change to my stomach and skin, and it has – MASSIVELY. I couldn’t quite believe it when I looked back through my progress photos of my face, but the proof is in the pudding (not a real pudding, sadly). The reason I’m sharing this is because, for me to cut out sugar is a humungous deal (for me, in my life) and in my office everybody eats the yummiest biscuits and there are always birthdays and cake shaped temptations, so it has been really damn hard and sometimes it puts me in a short bad mood because I have the biggest FOMO and feel like I’m at a disadvantage. But hey, I’m a few weeks in and my skin is radiantly glowing and almost clear, I feel so clean inside like I can feel the water I drink travel down my oesophagus lol. Feeling this great is definitely worth the few drops in the ocean of FOMO moments and it’s all for the greater reason of my goal to have clear and healthy skin!

So, if I can do it – you most definitely can. Sometimes people think when u say goals it’s just work or money but staying consistent in anything to see a result is a goal.

My DM’S are always open if you want the extra little push or support… But for now, focus on LEVELLING UP this week, today, right now! What can you do right now to get off the scenic route and on the best one to get you to your goals!?

Love & Light

Gabs xx


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