Big Magic, Creative living beyond fear– By Elizabeth Gilbert. 

This book was almost like a comfort blanket for me, literally felt like I could hear Elizabeth Gilbert speaking to me through this book. As a creative it is so easy to become stuck, let fear take over and become totally paralysed and not put any of your work out.

Elizabeth Gilbert talks about the curse of success and how gaining big success can literally cripple a creative with fear that any work that comes after their ‘greatest’ work will never compare and why she wishes people would just keep producing their own magic regardless of the outcome.

This book allowed me to reconnect with my passion for writing and my why- which to me is the most important thing. Writing is my thing and it makes me happy. Thats all there is to it. It’s not my job to babysit my work once its out there, I just write the stuff and put it out. This book allowed me to accept that its not my job to make sure its received well. My job is just to put it out.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is a creative or is thinking about starting something new. As always if you do get it or read it please let me know your thoughts! You can also use the hashtag PMUIBOOKCLUB to see other interesting reads:) Love and light always…Y.E.x


Eat Pray Love- By Elizabeth Gilbert

eat-prayI have to try my hardest not to write an essay on this book! lol! But one word: MAGICAL. So the funniest thing about this book is I’ve seen it laying around the house for years but never thought to pick it up. I then heard a friend had read it so I tried to start it but for some reason I couldn’t get stuck in.

2 months later I get a package through the door and it’s this same book, a friend had sent it on to me with the words ‘I hope you enjoy this as much as I did’. I took it on holiday with me and the moment I opened the first page I was glued. I kept thinking, this can’t be the same book I had at home? 3days in to my holiday and I had finished it. It resonated so so deeply with where I was at and I remember sitting by the pool thinking, wow! The universe does sure know when you are ready to receive a message. (thanks Gen!)

This book is all about the journey of Elizabeth Gilbert to find herself, aged 30, divorced and on a quest she touches Rome, India and Bali. Finding parts of herself along the way. Making peace with old ties this book has humour, spirituality but above all this book has honesty and tells the tale of a woman unafraid to bare all. I cried, I laughed and I resonated. Some parts I felt like I was reading about myself and to me thats the most incredible gift a writer can give their reader. For it to feel so personal and to be able to transport them to another time and place. Now if thats not magic within itself I don’t know.

A definite book for the ladies and I will be passing on to my girlfriends.If you decide to purchase please let me know what you think, you can also search other books by using the hashtag#PMUIBOOKCLUB. Enjoy!..Y.E.x


The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying- By Marie Kondo

life-changing Wow! So when I told a friend of mine I was reading this book, her words were ‘Changed my life, mate. Yas you are going to love it, trust me!’ And she was not wrong! I love a tidy room and space but I never really knew how much clutter I had before reading this book. Not only does this book guide you through the steps of decluttering your space it also aids as a tool to then declutter your life.

Im a writer and I’ve had a mini writing block for a while, not once did I stop to think it had anything to do with my surroundings. But 8 black bins later and a few empty draws there I was back at my laptop finishing my book.

This book made me realise that I have spent so many hours of my life wasted with what I thought was called ‘Tidying up’ and I can honestly say I don’t think I will ever need to dedicate time to ‘Tidying up’ again!

I would urge anyone to read this book, even if you think your space is ‘tidy’. Honestly such a good, quick and easy read. If you decide to purchase please let me know what you think, you can also search other books by using the hashtag#PMUIBOOKCLUB. Enjoy!..Y.E.x


The Wait- By Devon Franklin and Meagan Good

Ultimately this book is about waiting until marriage to have sex! I know, I know! You’re thinking ‘What the hell? Not possible!’ But please read on.

To me this book is so much more and can be used as a tool to declutter not only your love life but life in general. Although written from a biblical point of view and there being many references to god I believe if read with an open mind this book can also help you if you aren’t Christian.

Devon and Meagan not only share their story of celibacy but are honest about previous relationships and where they were at emotionally and mentally before finding one another. Both stories are powerful and especially as a female Meagans story is so relatable.
In a generation where we live for instant gratification this book has really allowed me to slow down and in the process really recognise the relationships I’ve had and how unhealthy they were. I’ve also seen the difference when taking  sex off ofthe table, you see who’s in it just for that and who genuinely  wants to build. You also really experience if you have a real connection or if in fact the connection is just based on the sexual attractions you  both may have for one another. I’m back dating but with so much more clarity and I hope if you decide to read it it can help you also.

I think it is incredible these two beings have been brave and honest enough to share their journey into finding true love.

If you decide to purchase please let me know what you think, you can also search other books by using the hashtag#PMUIBOOKCLUB. Enjoy!..Y.E.x



Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway– By Susan Jeffers


 GENRE: Self Help

One of those ‘life changing’ books. I read this right at the beginning of my journey before Pick Me Up Inc was even a thought let alone an idea! Susan touches on all areas of your life where you may be holding back and letting fear stop you from moving forward. She also talks about relationships and not losing yourself in the process of gaining one. Amongst other things this book is one of the biggest confidence boosters I’ve had the pleasure of reading and it certainly changed my life and the way I viewed myself and it also helped me to communicate better with my loved ones. When you are changing and evolving sometimes the hardest people to accept this new you are those closest to you and Susan has dedicated a whole chapter to this.

I would recommend this book to anybody at any stage in your journey as it always gives me the kick up the butt I need when Im lost for a bit of inspiration but I would definitely recommend it for those who feel a little stuck in life. If you decide to purchase please let me know what you think, you can also search other books by using the hashtag#PMUIBOOKCLUB. Enjoy!..Y.E.x


Women Who Love Too Much– By Robin Norwood

 GENRE: Self Help

Sharing is caring so I’m sharing my last read! Women who love too much’ by Robin Norwood! An amazing and insightful book which looks at the way our thoughts and patterns in love as women can develop as a response to a difficult childhood/upbringing. Such an interesting book whether for yourself as a woman or if you know somebody that is drawn to unhappy or destructive relationships.

I personally learnt a lot from this book and managed to make some connections with my upbringing and the way it affects how I behave in relationships now. Defo recommend! If you decide to purchase please let me know what you think, you can also search other books by using the hashtag#PMUIBOOKCLUB. Enjoy!..Y.E.x

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