Hey hey,

I’m Yasmin Elizabeth, 25-year-young flower from South London with a passion and lust for life.  Trying to not make this bio sound like a CV…failing! LOL! I started Pick Me Up Inc in 2014 practically by accident! ha-ha! What started as just pick me ups for a single young mum juggling college, work and motherhood (me) then became a leaning post for a lot of other people. Then was born PICK ME UP INC.

I hope to use this blog as a sort of a hub to put all things pick me uppey, I’ll warn you though it’s not all glitter and fairy dust. A lot of the best and most powerful lessons come from painful stories and I have always used my platform to keep it real. I hope people can click on the blog and find something that will pick them up.

Because that’s what PICK ME UP is all about, I can’t promise it will change your life, only you can do that but it is that extra little voice of encouragement, love, light and good energy to help assist you on your journey. I’m not perfect (what is perfect anyway?) I never claim to know it all and I defo don’t have all the answers, but I am me. And all I do is share my truth, battling with self-harm, growing up as a child in DV, having a child at 19 I speak only on how I’ve stumbled and tripped through life, the lessons I’ve learned and how I’ve healed through self-love, the pain of saying goodbye to bad habits, people and situations that no longer serve me or my growth and the benefits of doing so. I want people to know its ok not to be ok, its ok to seek help, get support and most importantly its ok TO CHANGE.

From self-love tips, poetry, book clubs, Monday motivation, collabs and a window in to how I do this mum life…I really do hope you enjoy the blog as much as I do sharing on it.

Love&light always

Y.E. x