Hey hey, sooo welcome to the moonchild way segment of Pick Me Up. I started Pick Me Up to pick people up and in the last 3 years I have seen the brand grow and help people from all over the UK to receiving messages from the US, Germany, France and Ghana. This is incredible and I can’t wait to reach out to many more amazing humans as we grow and grow.

However in the last 3 years I’ve never really written about my journey as a mother and as a young mum at that. It is something I receive so many DM’s on and messages ranging from thank you’s to asking advice.

Now I’m no expert, I don’t think there is a right or wrong way to parent and I personally believe we are all WINGING IT! Ha ha!  But as you guys ask a lot about it I thought what better time to add this new segment to Pick Me Up Inc. I’m a moonchild and this is my way of doing this thing called mum life soooo here is THE MOONCHILD WAY –  I will be sharing as many experiences, days out, highs and lows as I can. I hope you enjoy.


So I’m Yasmin, I am now 25 and a single mum to 5 year old Cameron. I work part time as a beauty therapist whilst running Pick Me Up full time as well as mumming, trying to maintain a standard 25 yr old life, make time for myself and friends, exercise, eat healthy and remain sane whilst doing it. Pahahaha I’m definitely failing at the sane part as I’m sure I lost and left my mind back in the teething stages. Lol!

3 things I find hard about being a parent:

  1. Always feeling like my best is not enough
  2. Trying to find balance
  3. Other judgmental parents (eye roll)

3 things I love about being a parent:

  1. The things Cam comes out with
  2. Seeing his little drawings
  3. Fun days out

3 things I have learnt since becoming a parent:

  1. My parents were only human,
  2. The world really was your oyster before you plant your seed,
  3. You can achieve great fuxking thingsss and I am way stronger than I could have hoped

I can’t wait to share more of mine and Cams experiences and the many L’s I take on this journey of motherhood.

Love to every single one of you who messages and shows support!!

Love and light always.