Monday Motivation-Why don’t we listen? 

Morning guys!

So it’s Monday and it’s a new week, I just wanted to touch base with our listening skills.

It’s become so apparent to me through having conversations with people that we rarely listen to understand, we listen to reply. 

So whilst someone is telling their story or giving instruction we rarely take the time to just listen, In fact more chances we are thinking of what to say back before they have even finished.

TASK!: This week I want you to try to slow down when somebody is speaking to you and actually listen to what they are saying, think about it and pause before you even reply.


It’s made such a difference to my conversations and I have found that I interrupted people too much. But here we go! It’s a new week, a new canvas to make whatever picture we like!


Love&Light Always

Y.E. x

MONDAY Motivation: Practice makes you better!


I’ve had a lot of questions regarding my fear in starting PickMeUpInc. I thought I would base today’s Monday Motivation around that. 

Every single person you see around you doing great was a beginner, nobody was born an expert. A dentist doesn’t come out the womb and become a dentist and a personal trainer doesn’t come out hench and ready to go. All these people condition themselves, they study, they train and they work bloody hard! You have the same ability, you have the same chance to get up and become good at something. 

Steve jobs, your doctor and even Muhammad Ali all would have been shaking in their boots on their first patient, their first board meeting and their first boxing match. They would have had that same anxiety and fear that you and I feel when we try something new. But it’s all about pushing boundaries, once you do something for 3 weeks in a row it becomes habit. Feel the fear and do it anyway and it will become a habit. Push yourself, practice practice practice! Practice makes you better, they say never say never but you should NEVER ever stop learning. You should NEVER stop bettering yourself. You are your biggest project.



You can become great at something, you just have to have the sheer courage and determination. I wasn’t born with PickMeUp, I’ve created it because my passion is people, my passion is in helping and spreading some positivity. The first time I posted properly from PickMeUp I was nervous and abit scared BUT I did it and the hard work and all the anxiety is paying off.

There’s no difference between you and them, there’s no difference between you and I and there’s no difference in you fulfilling your true potential. 

Let’s go get em!

Happy Monday! 

Love&Light Always!

Y.E. x


Monday Motivation

Morning guys!!

Today I wanted to keep it simple and light, a simple question


We all complain about a Monday, but what will you do today to make a change? What will you do that can make you happier? Things only change if you break the cycle. You get out what you put in. From speaking to somebody you don’t know at work, making an effort to say good morning to a stranger or applying for that new position you’ve been eyeing. Do something today that your future self will thank you for. Monday; a new fresh canvas for you to paint how you wish. Make it a colourful one!

Love&Light Always 

Y.E x 

When you feel like you are lost down the rabbit hole.

Hey Guys,

After having a conversation with a friend about ‘where they are heading’ and the confusion surrounding it, it occurred to me the pressure we put ourselves under to have it all together. It’s as if we feel we must know what direction we are heading in and are so focused on reaching a destination that we forget to enjoy the journey. We’ve all been there, the friend who doesn’t know what they want to be, the only single friend, the friend who doesn’t want to go uni, the friend who looks at everybody else and has to question ‘WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?!!!’ Everybody else looks like they are getting on with things and doesn’t seemed to have fell down the rabbit hole with its twists and turns, its tunnels of uncertainty and you are so sure that the cakes in the fridge are saying ‘EAT ME’ driving you into a frenzy of munching and watching series after series on Netflix! BUT be assured you will find your way out of the rabbit hole.

I know some of my friends who have a plan to a certain extent and I personally love to have a goal to aim towards but never do I feel we should be pressured into making decisions just to look or feel like we are in control. Its ok to feel a little lost, its ok to NOT know what you want to do yet. You are still learning, still growing and being stretched by life’s lessons.

The more we think about which way is the right way the more confused we can get. The pressure from comparing our progress with others, the pressure from families wanting us to do well and sometimes we want to yell STOP! Lets stop allowing our past and future to rob us of the present. Lets soak in the moments around us illiminating the feelings of anxiety, worry and regret.

I hope you have enjoyed your Sunday and as I always say ‘A Sunday well spent brings a week of content’.

Love&Light Always.




Monday Motivation and the butterfly story.

The Butterfly Story


It was the early blossoming of spring and a girl was wandering through a garden when she discovered a cocoon hanging from the branch of a tree. It was almost time for a butterfly to emerge. Fascinated with her discovery she returned to the garden daily, enthusiastic to see all that would happen and hoping never to miss a thing.

One day a small opening appeared from its cocoon and the girl saw the butterfly struggling to free itself from its cocoon and enter a new world. She watched intently – until the butterfly seemed to have stopped making progress. It appeared as if it had gone as far as possible and could go no further.

The girl made a sudden decision; she began to remove pieces of the cocoon that were obstructing the butterfly. Excited, she watched as the butterfly emerged, hoping its wings would unfold. But her excitement turned into dismay as the butterfly remained unable to move.

It was then that the girl realized what was happening: the cocoon was intended to create the struggle necessary for the butterfly to fly. In fact, it was not trying to escape… this was just nature’s way of making its wings stronger. It occurred to the girl that the butterfly would actually be grateful to the cocoon for the struggle that they would share.



I took this inspiring story from Miranda Kerr’s book ‘Treasure Yourself’. She speaks about being the impatient girl in life, trying to rush things before their time but also the butterfly, having to go through the struggles of life to become our true potential.

I personally believe I’ve been both and as I’ve got older I’m learning to really embrace my struggles and not be so impatient. (I am still working on it). If you are reading this right now and going through something I just want you to know that you will get through your struggle. You are that butterfly, working on strengthening your wings so when its your time to fly you’l be ready to go.

You have a new week and you have the power to mould it into something beautiful, don’t let your happenings destroy your happiness. Allow events to unfold and exercise that patience! Happy monday!

Love&Light Always


Take the time to recharge.

Hey beautiful people,

We took a long break but we are back!

It is so vital to recharge your batteries and also was a good chance to get some new projects underway and myself and Islah were both on our own personal trips. I was on a trip with my son and Islah travelled to Zanzibar with the Al-Ansari Foundation to help build a school for orphans as well as build a new water well and build a fisherman’s boat.

On reflection on my break I thought it would be nice for me to just write and share the importance of slowing down, even when everything is going great. Sometimes we need to allow our bodies to rest and we may not even know it. Its not a weak point to hold your hands up and say ‘Hey I need to step back a bit and have a few days to myself’. Its almost vital for you to do it. If like me you are a bit of a workaholic then yes this will be very hard for you but like I said it really helps to recharge your batteries. It can be amazing for you and the people around you, if you learn to find a balance between work and play. Since i’ve found my balance life has been happier and much more enjoyable. I no longer sweat the small things and its enabled me to become more organised and focus on the tasks at hand rather than have my mind do 100 things at once.


In my time off I was able to spend some quality time with family, travel and work on some up and coming projects. I feel ready and pumped for the new week. I am looking forward to announcing some new projects for PickMeUpInc, super excited for all that is to come and also new permanent blog days. I just want to take this opportunity to thank the universe and for all you guys supporting! I feel so blessed to be able to share the words that come to me and for them to help others the way the do me.

Goodnight Kings and Queens.

Love&Light Always



Monday Motivation and the bamboo tree

Hey guys!

So it’s Monday but this week I’ve decided to post a video I personally love.
I believe we all go through hard times in our life, we all get to a point where we may want to quit, we lose our faith and question ‘Why me?’ We wonder when our bad days are going to be exchanged with the good but can be left disappointed time and time again because deep down we need to understand there is no good without bad. The only difference between a bad time and a good time is your attitude towards it.
In this video we get to understand the bamboo tree and its growth. I personally find the bamboo tree such an inspiration, it serves as a reminder to me that when something is taking a while, it’s fine. For anything to last the roots need to be strong.

I hope you enjoy the video as much as me, it’s referral to God can always be exchanged with the universe or another higher being or even a family member. Whatever you believe in and feels most natural for you to do so. Also I just want to say that I don’t take any credit for this video, it was found on YouTube and I just wanted to share it with you guys!

Have a fab week.
Love&Light Always.
Y.E. x

Monday Motivation

Morning guys!

So this week is a bit music/poetry based! Hope you enjoy. I used to do music and received a few messages this week about a link up tv I did years back. I just used the last verse of the song! I don’t say in the video BUT smiling and singing can make you feel so good! Whether you can sing or not, putting your favourite song on to start your day can help in many ways.

Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to FEED YOUR MIND! YOU HOLD THE POWER!

Love&Light Always


A little PickMeUp on a Sunday evening.

Hey Guys!

I hope that you’ve had a great weekend! If not, then tomorrow is a brand new week. I just wanted to share this picture as it really inspired me.


It is up to us as the superhero’s in our lives to create the moment of calm. The moment where we are content, the moment we take in what is around us and be grateful!. I know at times we go through crap and we want to blame somebody else. I truly believe the only time we need to feel true sadness to the point of despair is through death. Everything else, yes everything else can be fixed. We just have to be centred and stay grounded. I always say if you are angry about something, wait 24hours before reacting. If you no longer feel the anger then it was never something worth reacting to. No use on making permanent decisions based on temporary feelings. You hold the power and only you can allow yourself to trip. Every moment is spiritual, every moment is special, every moment is one we won’t get back so lets make it worth living!

A good evening from me and thank you for reading:)

Love&Light Always





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