When PICK ME UP INC Met Jamz Supernova

We got to catch up with the amazing DJ, Jamz Supernova! Now this interview was fun and such a role reversal for our founder and director, Yasmin. Jamz in the past has interviewed Yasmin so it was nice for the young women to catch up.

This interview was to symbolise progression and the journey that you go on when following your dream. Jamz Supernova has had knock backs and got back up, she has experienced discrimination being a woman DJ and speaks openly about wanting to give up but her passion and love for the music getting her through.

Again another inspiring story to show you that determination can get you where you need to, Jamz is on a journey and we wish her nothing but the best.


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When PICK ME UP INC Met Hannah. PART 1

Our second interview was with Hannah Bourazza, a mother who sadly lost her son to knife crime.

This story was so sensitive that we had to edit it in to 2 parts. I can speak for everybody in the room when I say this was emotional and raw. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Hannah managed to tell the story in one go and we at Pick Me Up felt so honoured that Hannah felt comfortable to tell us the story. Her strength and courage is admirable and sets an example for anybody that has suffered a loss. Hannah also highlighted the lack of support young people get when in court, Hannah’s passion for young people shows in the interview and that in itself is a force to be reckoned with seen as her sons life was cut far to short by young people. A true woman and a true inspiration.

Everybody deals with loss differently but we hope that by Hannah sharing this tragic story that you know that there will be some light at the end of the dark tunnel.


Yasmin- PickMeUpInc. x



When PICK ME UP INC Met Jayde

Our first interview was with Jayde, a mother from South London who suffers with anxiety.

Jayde kindly opened up about her story, which stemmed from pregnancy but later on she realised it was more serious then the usual new mother jitters.

We explored where her anxiety started and how much it affected her day to day life and also her life as a parent. But with persistence and strength Jayde has managed to find ways to control her anxiety and not let it control her.

It was so insightful to hear Jaydes story and how she has come out the other side, we hope you enjoy and it gives you some comfort if you are going through a similar thing.




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As the founder and director of Pick Me Up Inc I receive a lot of inbox messages with people telling me their life stories and also asking for advice. I no way think of myself as a life guru but I try my best to understand and most of the time I listen. It sounds silly but sometimes thats all somebody needs. Somebody to just listen without forcing opinions.

After a while I started to notice that a lot of peoples problems were so similar so I really wanted a way to reach out to everybody and show that they are not alone. Of course I am aware that everybody deals with things differently but surely not feeling alone is better than believing your the only one going through something? Which we can all admit we’ve done at one stage or another.

It was talking to a friend on the phone that I came up with the idea to share peoples stories, well those that were willing to share on camera so I could share with you at home.

Here is a little promo advert we did. Hope you enjoy and I look forward to hearing many more stories.

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Y.E x

Our worst Habit is to talk of the bad in our life.

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We feed life into the negative and wonder why the negative feeds on us. It’s a cycle. Not to say we should never discuss the bad in our life or share an issue ect BUT there’s a difference between discussing something to get it off your chest or discussing it because misery loves company. Let’s enjoy our highs and our accomplishments , we’ve always been taught it’s almost bad to talk about the good and being proud is easily misplaced as being a show off. Well it’s your time to shine! U deserve it. Feed the positive and when the positive feeds you, you will feel so much better for it. Have a good day beautiful people.

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